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Entry 40 ~ November 1, 2013
~ Croup Happens

Well, it is hard to believe but it took three kids for me to know what the croup was! Little Stella has been sleeping all night long for a few months now and when she woke up last Saturday very early a.m., she sounded like a seal pup, hoarse and her cries were even hard to hear! We took her in the the doctor's office where our suspicions were confirmed. The croup. It sounds just like what it is. If you suspect that your little one may be suffering from this, here are some things I can tell you that we have learned.

There is no cure for the croup. But a vaporizer or cool mist humidifier are wonders for helping them breathe well enough to sleep at night. When I asked the doctor which was better, she said either type was fine. So, we have tried both and I like the steam better for breaking up the congestion.

There could be an underlying issue, for instance, Stella had a pretty nasty ear infection with her croup. We did get antibiotics for it, and buddy, getting a 5 1/2 month old on a steady diet of breast milk to take 3.5 ml of gooey pink antibiotics is not an easy task! The way we found that was best (if there is such a thing) was to give just a tiny squirt of the syringe type dropper and immediately offer her the breast when she was done. It has been rough, but we are getting some in her!

Also, croup is contagious! So if your baby gets it, and it is at all possible for you (wasn't for me, with three kids) please keep him or her away from other kids until her fever and worse symptoms go away! We learned this one the hard way when a friend's 18 month old turned up with it just yesterday! Sorry baby Mia!

Finally, it gets a lot worse sounding before it gets better. Stella sounds like a little old woman who has smoked for 40 years straight, but I know, because the doctor said so, that this is what it sounds like when everything starts breaking up and getting better.

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