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Entry 41 ~ December 9, 2013
~ PreK - A Whole New World

1st day

So, last month we got the call. You know, THE CALL. The one where the PreK class you tried so hard to get into months before and had kind of honestly given up on, calls you up and changes your comfortable little world forever. We got the call and visited the classroom the week of Thanksgiving and I noticed something strange. While my middle daughter Sydney, worked herself right in like a missing piece, I noticed that outgoing Sophie held back. Even when two little mommies came and grabbed her hands to show her around, my sweet Sophie looked really nervous. Maybe it was the fact that there were 20 kids instead of the 8 she is used to. Maybe it was the fact that she was in a new place and classroom that she wasn't used to. Whatever the case, I was worried about this new chapter. For her and for me . . .

We got to school right on time the first day, the Monday after Thanksgiving. She had whined a lot on the journey to get ready and the ride there. I tried to convince myself that this was normal, it was a big change, blah blah blah. But I wanted to cry.

I took her in with the other two sisters in tow, and she warily made her way to her teacher. She hugged me about four times before we left. That last hug killed me, as I saw a little twinkle of a tear starting to form in one of her big blue eyes and I will admit, I wanted to grab her up and run with her, straight to the car and then home.

My kids are hard to get to sleep at night, and starting school didn't change that. They are hard every night and I usually have to wake them up to eat and get ready in the morning. Hopefully this will help Sophie to get into a better routine, since Daddy and I are not creatures of habit and have struggled with getting these girls into a good routine.

I also realized something else last week in the shuffle and chaos of the mornings. We don't get to just be lazy in the mornings anymore. We never get to spend all morning in jammies again. In a nutshell, the easy life is over for this family of girls!! Wish us luck!

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