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Entry 42 ~ January 11, 2014
~ My Mother's Job

Mother & Daughter

When I was young, I had no idea of the "job" my mother had. I knew she made our house function, but I never knew all the things that she actually did in a day, until I became a mother myself. My oldest daughter told me today that my job was to get them food and wash clothes. I was dumbfounded. Doesn't she see what I do for this family, day in and day out? I thought, "am I raising a total brat?" And then I thought some more; about how I looked at my mother's "job" when I was just Sophie's age. I had no idea and I am sure she doesn't either. I need to give her a break. But I also need to let her know what an important "job" I have.

My mother was a stay at home mother from the time I can remember, except for a few stints when she got jobs to help bring more income in, and that didn't ever mean she didn't have to do her first job, too. She washed and ironed six people's clothes, dusted, swept, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms, (bless you woman!) bought the groceries, took us to school and back, cooked, cleaned the house, picked up our toys, decorated, organized, mowed the lawn, planted and grew flowers, and gardens, canned things for us to eat all year long, read us stories, told us stories, made up some stories, and passed down sayings that I still use today, "she looks like a sore-eyed cat". She was always in the stands at my basketball games, on the bleachers at my softball games and I now realize, was probably my number one fan. I wish I had acted more like hers.

Even as a grown up mother myself, my mother still does so much for me. She still washes my family's clothes when we visit, cooks us meals, and even comes and stays with me to help me anytime I need her to. She has been right by my side when each of my children were born. She even stayed up all night just to talk to me when I was induced and nervous and playing the waiting game with my first born. Honestly I think she was as nervous and excited as I was!

I try to tell her now how much I appreciate the things that she taught me and did for me, and how much I love her, but I feel like there is no way to repay her for all that hard work she did for all those years. I had no clue of how hard she worked to make our lives good and healthy and happy. My mom had the hardest job in the world. I didn't know that until I got the same position. I only have three kids and I feel like I have lost my mind on a really good day! I feel like I never sit down. My mom had four!! I don't know how she did it, but I am so thankful for my stay at home, wonderful, beautiful amazing mother, Lora Crowder.

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