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Entry 43 ~ February 28, 2014
~ The Pros of Consignment

In a recent survey I took for my income, the cost of raising just one child from birth to 18 with public college tuition included, was close to $315,000!! So, for a family with three little girls, we are going to spend roughly a million dollars, just on our kids, just by the time they are ready for college. That doesn't even include weddings!! As much as I wish we were, we are not millionaires. This number is paralyzing to me and I want to work as hard as I can to help pay for these costs. Being a stay at home mother, with a very small hair bow business doesn't really cut it, but there is a way that I help our family to spend less on clothes and toys. Consignment. Buying and selling helps out family out tremendously with the rising costs of having children.

Recently, I have noticed that when you talk about being a part of a consignment sale, most mothers react in one of two ways. Either adamant about doing the consignment thing or extremely opposed by the idea of making money off of their old toys and clothes. I am always kind of listen to the whys, but I have to admit I am always thinking, "What's the big deal?" You are basically just selling old things to make room for new ones. I understand that some of the toys you sell were not actually ones you bought, but when you are putting the money earned (which is about 1/3 of what it was worth to begin with) right back into your kids, isn't that just smart?

I know a mom that is appalled by the thought of making money off of old toys and will have no part in it. She would rather her children donate their old toys to the Goodwill. I know that it is great to donate to a cause and that the Goodwill is extremely helpful to people in need. I totally understand that logic and how good it feels to donate to a worthy cause. I say to her, "More power to ya sister!"

As for me, I used to be appalled by the thought of my daughter wearing some kid's old clothes. I remember a friend wanting me to go by the Duck Duck Goose sale in Asheville right after I had Sophie and thinking, "No way!" Then I had another little girl and there was no way we could have the three we now have without exercising consignment sales, both as a way to get rid of old toys and even some toys that have barely been used, and to gain "new" clothes as well. I think it is just a matter of taking the time and planning out what to do with the money and putting it back into the kids. For me, it just works.

So, whether you are a pro consigner or pro donator, I really think you should do what makes the most sense for you and your family. Spring sales are coming up and I cannot wait this year to try and sell some hair bows and old toys and clothes and get some new ones in the process!!

Until next time--take care,

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