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Entry 45 ~ May 8, 2014
~ Winning with Crapshoot Fruit

Well, summertime is vast approaching and I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but here goes. You just saw that there were watermelons on sale FINALLY after a season of waiting for that delicious taste! You also just started a natural foods diet where you cannot eat anything processed, so natural sugars from fruits are your only ticket to a much needed energy boost. (Okay maybe that was me, not you.) You get to the aisle where they sit, glorious in their green striped beauty and think, "Now, what do I do to make sure this is a good one?" So you knock on one, can't remember what it is supposed to sound like and instead pick the prettiest one that you see with the least yucky looking faded spots on it. Although some of these ideas seem silly, there is some truth to them.

According to a wikiHow article, How to Select a Watermelon, here are the steps. 1. Make sure the watermelon has a uniform shape. (Did not know that this was a factor, but it goes along with my "pick the prettiest one" approach, doesn't it?) 2. Lift the watermelon up, it should feel heavy for its size 3. Look for the "field spot" or where the watermelon was laying on the ground. It should be a creamy yellow and if it is white or nonexistent, it was most likely picked too late and is too ripe. 4. Color--should be dark green and dull, not shiny, as shiny can mean it is under ripe 5. Knock on it! If the sound that comes out when you thump it is hollow sounding, this is a good one (my MIL told me that one and it has so far worked twice for me!)

Now, for cantaloupes, which my husband also thinks are a luck of the draw kind of fruit, my MIL was right again. The best way to pick this, according to the first Mrs. Evans, is to smell the stem end where the fruit was attached before picking. If it smells yummy and fruity and how cantaloupe usually smells, that is a good one. Also make sure that it is firm and has a light color under the netting. If it is green, it probably is not ripe yet. I think honeydew melon would be the same guidelines, but haven't done this test on one yet, so if you do, let me know.

Enjoy your summertime fruits without regret and remember these little tidbits next time you are jonesing for some ripe fresh crapshoot fruits!!

Until next time . . .

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