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Entry 46 ~ July 5, 2014
~ Sophie's First Broken Heart

So I have recently dealt with something that I thought was a long time coming. My oldest daughter Sophie, still only 4, took her beloved Marie the cat stuffed animal with her to children's church on Mother's Day. Inevitably she left her behind and we didn't realize it until we were almost home. So I called a friend and asked her to pick it up for us since it is such an important toy for Sophie. She did and had it in her car to give us later that week.

Later in the week came and we saw her again and surprise! She didn't have it on her car because her "husband cleaned the car out". She was really busy for the next few weeks and I felt bad bothering her but did send her a couple texts about coming over to pick Marie up. She called me back and let me know she was sorry and promised to meet up soon.

We decided to go to church last Sunday and I sent a message to let her know we would be there. She said she would be glad to see us and I thought that we were good. She called me that Saturday and I didn't make it to the phone in time so I texted back. Turns out that Marie was thrown away while she was in Peru (3 weeks before I might add).

I was devastated! Sophie has had that stuffed animal since birth and it was one of the only things she has ever really really been attached to. My husband thought I was in the wrong being mad at her but if I had a kid's favorite toy it would be returned quickly and not played with at my house and potentially destroyed. I am so upset with her thoughtless actions and when I told Sophie she cried big hard heartbroken tears for a good five minutes. I hugged her and told her how sorry I was that it had happened. I found her another one the same style on amazon but it's taking forever.

How do you deal with this? How do forgive someone that you trusted, respected and admired when they so callously do something that completely changes your family dynamic? Still dealing with the repercussions of this one and would love to hear your ideas.

Until next time . . .

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