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Entry 47 ~ August 5, 2014
~ Ready for Kindergarten?

Baby Sophie

I will answer this question with another question. Is anyone ever really ready for their child to start school? I have three little girls, as you know, and I thought that I would be so relieved when one of them finally began her school career. As the day draws nearer, I find myself asking, "Am I ready?"

The days of summertime, sleeping in and watching two or three cartoons in the morning before we even brush teeth, are sadly over. At least for the next school year.

Sophie is ready. She attended PreK from last November until mid-May. She knows how to count to thirty, however belligerently, and she can spell her name. She has had her school shots and she will turn 5 in two weeks. She is tall and beautiful and sweet and amazing. She has this!

Kindergartener Sophie

But am I ready? Am I ready for her to come home and tell me someone hit her on the playground? Am I ready for her to cry when someone doesn't play with her at school that she plays with all the time at home? Am I ready for those sensitive little ears to hear bigger kids talking nasty and to hear those words come out of her mouth just to try them out? Am I ready for tomorrow, when I drop her off and just wait for the end of the day to make sure she is safe, has had fun and has made some new friends?

And the answer to all of these questions of course is no. No parent can ever really be ready for this. To say goodbye to those little baby girl years, where you were her hero and she wanted to do everything you did. To bid farewell to long morning snuggles when she wasn't really awake and you could both fall asleep for just a little longer. So goodbye little baby Sophie and hello big kindergartner!

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