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Entry 48 ~ September 20, 2014
~ My New Favorite Weekday!


Well, ladies and gentlemen, this season has started with so many changes for me. A new school for Sophie started mid-August. She is now a big kindergartner and I cannot believe it! She is doing really well and I am so thankful that she likes learning and sharing everything she learns with the two little girls still at home.

Also, Mother's Day Out started a few weeks back and I just want to say it. Thank the Lord!! Tuesdays, both my little girls go to "school" and that means . . . Mommy goes to yoga for an hour!!! Then she goes to lunch with Daddy and has sushi!! Then she comes home, sometimes mows the yard or mops the floor or anything else that she can before its time to go pick those girls up again. I never thought that a Tuesday would be my most cherished day of the week, but that is just what it has become for me.

This leads to me to a familiar rant. You have got to be happy with yourself to be happy for your family. I have really missed having something that is just for me. I do have a friend in yoga, but I don't go there to socialize. I don't go there to wear cool clothes (although I do love a funky new pair of yoga pants.) I do not go there to show off or talk or anything like that. I go there simply to have an hour to myself to stretch, hang out upside down, work on new poses and I leave feeling like a million bucks at 10am. My hubby also tells me that he is noticing my hard work. That is worth any amount of money if you ask me.

My children are even trying yoga, down to the smallest of the small ones. She can do a downward facing dog on command and the bigger girls try to do every new pose that I do. They even try the hard ones that Mommy is just beginning to master! This leads me to another point. Your children are little sponges and they want to do everything that you do when they are little. One day, they may not think you are so cool, but take advantage of it right now, when you can. I am hoping that this will begin years of healthy living and decisions and that will make me feel like the best mom I can be! What better way to leave a legacy than teaching your kids to be healthy and active, as well as kind, generous, loyal, good and caring?

So good luck if you are getting back into the workout scene or if you are close to starting up. Remember, it benefits not just you in the long run. Your children are watching your every move right now, so make sure that you are moving!!

Until next time . . .

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