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Entry 49 ~ October 26, 2014
~ Struggling to be Debt Free

Gonna get serious today and talk about a big problem that I see in my household, my extended family and even some of my friends. The problem is debt and deciding to just live with it. There are more families than you would care to know about living with debt and much worse, just accruing more and more by the day, the month and year. There are so many people who are retired and can't figure out how to make ends meet. There are other people financing cars they cannot afford and in the same breath, talking about how they hope their high school senior gets into a state school to save on college tuition. I refuse to be a parent who puts more priority into what I am driving around in than the importance of a good education for my children. So, having said that, we are living the Dave Ramsey dream right now. Which means, we are living on a bare bones budget. Yuck!

Now, I will tell you, it is not the most fun living on a budget. In fact, to be frank, "living like no one else" sucks. It stinks, it blows and it is so so very hard. I know this, because I have been living on a very strict budget for a couple of years now. We are trying to get our unsecured debt paid off so we can pay off our house and live a truly debt free life. !

Imagine for a moment, what you could do if you were debt free. Imagine the ways you could help your children to go to the school that they want to go to and help them to realize their dreams for the future. Imagine watching their dreams come true. Imagine how you could give. Imagine seeing a couple with three kids, struggling to have a nice meal out, frazzled and asking themselves, "Why do we do this?" and then imagine paying their bill so they can spend their money on something that they need for their family. Imagine being able to sleep easily at night and not have any debt hanging over your head. Imagine being able to give more of your time and money at church. Giving to a charity that you care deeply about or helping out a friend who is struggling through a hard time. Imagine paying cash for a car or a bedroom suite. Imagine doing a job that you want to do, that you have always wanted to do and no matter how much you make, it being enough to cover your bills, with plenty left over for fun. !

Getting there is hard, it is so very hard. But I really cannot imagine how great it will be to be debt free. The biggest reward for me will be teaching my children to use cash, save their money, work hard and stay away from credit cards. They will work through college and help to pay for college as well, as that will be their first big investment in their future. I want my kids to be debt free and to value their money more than I did. We are going to get there; it may take us a couple of years, five years, but after that, just imagine all that we can do!

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