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Entry 5 ~ July 16, 2010
Thank you for reassuring me and say a little prayer for my family!

Just wanted to use this opportunity to thank all of the ladies that have emailed me advice and assured me I am not a bad mama. So thank you Heather, Kari, Autumn, Cindy, Maribeth and anyone else who has let me know that it really is all about the baby. And what is good for someone's baby, may just not work for mine. Thank you gals from the bottom of my heart!

We have given up on the cry it out method, because we have done that two or three times and our baby cries so hard she vomits all over herself. When we put her in her room in the crib, she wakes up so frightened and shaking and disoriented that it is impossible to get her back in the crib in the middle of the night.

So, she is sleeping in her pack n play at the bottom of our bed. She wakes up once or twice a night and we give her a bottle and voila! Back to sleep after that. It works well unless she goes to bed too early. Those nights she wakes up at 3 am ready to party. As long as one of us stays awake long enough for her to finish her bottle and fall asleep, we can usually get her back in the pack n play. If not and we are too tired, she sleeps the rest of the night between us. It is not the ideal situation, but it works for us.

We have plenty of time to get her transitioned into her own room when we finish all the moving we have been doing and get into a house of our own.

Which brings me to a little vent. My husband has been at his job just over a year and we are still renting a crappy old house that we hate while the company decides where to put us. It is so frustrating!

I am so ready to know where our roots are going to be planted that I can't stand it! I want to live in a house that I can paint if I feel like it, that has a dishwasher, that has enough cabinets to house all my many kitchen gadgets and appliances! And that cannot blame the year on the many downfalls (mice, rain, heater breaking in mid winter) we have had since we were here.

So, when you are saying your prayers tonight, save one for us and for a decision that has been a long time coming.

Until next time, take care!

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