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Entry 7 ~ August 30, 2010
Forget the Terrible Twos, It's the Terrible Ones!!

Well, the title of this entry pretty much sums up my last few weeks, but I will start at the beginning.

Little Sophie turned one at the middle of August and had a great birthday party! As soon as we got to my mom and dad's house, she fell and bumped her head on the coffee table and there was instantly a big blue bruise there! Perfect! Just in time for her party and lots of pictures!

We had a small get together at my mom and dad's house in Tennessee and lots of friends and family were able to make it out. Sophie had her first cake to demolish and was not too sure about it, but it was very cute. It seems like after the party, my sweet little angel woke up and had another head the next day! She has been so hard to deal with, wanting no one but her mama, screaming and crying whenever anyone else comes into contact with her, and waking up several times a night.

She even bit me several times that week after her birthday and made her mama cry. I cried one, because it hurt like a bee sting, and two, because I was so shocked that she did it to begin with! Has anyone else seen this scary monster that is a one year old baby girl?? Let me know if you have and when it stops. I have had many people tell me that it stops around 18!! Please don't let that be true!

We spent a few days with my family, then headed to North Carolina to spend one night with my sweet and wonderful friend, Lorie. Had a great time there and got up the next day to drive to Raleigh to see our other friends. Sophie had a great time playing with her two little friends and the men went on a four wheeling and mountain biking weekend in Uwharrie, while we took care of the kids in Raleigh.

A friend of mine hosted a morning of massaging and good food and the kids all played in her playroom while we took turns getting pampered. Nothing nicer for a bunch of mothers with small children to do on a Saturday morning! It was really relaxing and I think I need to get them done a lot more. We have all decided to do a girls weekend without the kids in January at a spa!

I have been going to the gym for about three months and taking spin class, yoga and a pump class and swimming. I am fortunate enough to have a YMCA with free child care for two hours a day, so I have been taking Sophie there while I work out. If you are struggling as a stay at home mother, and you have the option of doing that, please take advantage. It has been great for Sophie and for me to get away from each other and have some time with other adults and children once a day.

I am also joining a group here called MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) this Friday. It is a group that meets twice a month on Fridays and has breakfast and discusses topics that new mothers are facing. I am really excited about it and know one girl from the gym with an 18 month old that is a member. Will let you know how that goes next entry!

We are still trying to figure out how to get Sophie to sleep all night long without waking multiple times for a bottle. Now that we are home, I am anxious to get back into our schedule and get things rolling in the right direction. She is so excited to be home with all of her things, roaming the house, checking out the dogs, introducing her new toys to her old ones and just seems to be back in her element. We are going to be home with no traveling for the next few weeks and are all I think, so glad for the rest. We have had a great but very exhausting month of August, but I am glad that September is here.


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