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Entry 8 ~ September 23, 2010
I Don't Need No Stinking Sleep Mom!

Well as you can tell, my Sophie is still not sleeping. She is taking one nap that lasts for about an hour around noon and not taking another one until she lays down finally at about 10pm. This, is exhausting for us, since we are, in fact, tired by around 8pm. We have tried books for help, advice from friends and family, but to no avail. She just doesn't sleep. A friend of mine had a son who did not sleep well until tubes were placed in his ears, but we have not even had any concern from the doctors about her ears.

At Sophie's one year appointment, her doctor said that 50% of babies were not sleeping through the night yet, so that made us feel a little better about it. But we are still in some dire need of sleep. We have tried the cry it out method, even though we never wanted to resort to that. All she does is cry, pass out, throw up and anything else besides finally go to sleep. Last night, we even put her in her crib with some toys and did things in her room and she got red-faced and cried and screamed just as hard as she does when she is in there alone! It is really getting to be a problem, as we are also getting no sleep and then having to get up all night to go get her from her crib, feed or rock her back to sleep and just pray that she doesn't wake up again. And she always does. I am just wondering where the other 50% people out there are and if their children are still not sleeping as well.

Sorry to vent in these entries, but I have tried everything from prayer, to books, to advice that I never thought I would use and nothing. Once again, I ask you for help! I am really going to need this baby sleeping in her own bed by the time she goes off to college!

Until next time . . . take care!

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