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Birth Story
~ Sophie Kay Is Here!

SophieSophie Kay is here in all her glory!

Well, the weekend of August 14 was a weird one. We went to see a girly movie, thank you Kyle, on Friday night and halfway through I started having a menstrual like cramping going on in the nether regions. We timed them and they were right at an hour and 15 minutes apart, so when they went on for several hours, we just knew we would be going to the hospital in the middle of the night! Got up on Saturday morning and they had totally stopped. Oh well, the bun needed some more baking, is all I can think.

Saturday we went driving around exploring some of the National Forest around where we live and scouting out trails for hiking, for after our baby gets here and to take our hiking loving friends to when they come to visit. There are some really neat places and you wouldn't believe some of the mountains around here. You can be driving down the hiway one minute and in the middle of nowhere the next. We went to an overlook and got out and walked around and took pictures. This was probably the last time that the dogs will be riding in the seat behind ours.

In preparation for the possibility of baby coming this week, we went ahead and ordered our stroller, car seat and a dog barrier for the car, so they will not waller the baby. Of course, we got everything but the car seat (you know, the thing that you can't leave the hospital without?) last Friday. Luckily enough, the car seat got here 15 minutes before the doctor's appointment!

Sophie and her parentsWe went to the doctor's appointment at 12 noon on August 17 and expected that we would just be going on home and waiting a few or more weeks for our first meeting with Miss Sophie. We got into the room with the doctor, who said that her tummy was measuring about 4 weeks behind. The next thing she said, changed our lives. "Do you have your bag in the car?" We told her no, thought she was kidding and she said that we needed to go ahead and get checked into the hospital so we could have the baby the next day. You can imagine our shock and I doubt that we said three words to each other on the way home. We went ahead and called both sets of parents to let them know that the day had arrived. I think my Dad was ready to get in the car that second! I got admitted and they arrived around 8 that night.

The nurses kept offering my pain meds and I just kept saying no thank you during the night. The next morning, however, this changed. I finally went ahead and took some Stadol, which made me feel so drunk and out of control that I just had to sleep; I really hated the effect that it had on me and vowed that my next pain relief would be the epidural!

Kristen and SophieAfter the epidural I was feeling great! Shortly before the pushing started, I began to feel part of my left lower side and had a "little" more of the epidural medicine put in. This was also a big mistake. When it came time to push, I could not feel anything at all and you cannot imagine what that feels like, trying to push! We began pushing with the nurse at 2:25pm and Sophie Kay started squawling at 2:50pm, August 18, 2009. I know that seems really fast, but I have never been so tired in my life! It was crazy!

And then we had a gorgeous little cone headed baby in our arms. There are no words that can describe the feelings that you have in that moment. We were both so happy. We just cried and laughed and looked at her and still cannot believe that someone so perfect was made by the two of us. I look at her all the time and think, "My, how perfect she is".

Turns out she was 5 lbs and 7 1/2 oz; the doctor had guessed 5 lbs 8 oz the week before and we were amazed that she was almost right on target! She did have to stay a little longer, due to not being able to keep her temp up and she got a little jaundiced and had to hang out under the UV rays one day. But Friday afternoon, all our worrying and prayers were answered and now we have her home with us.

Thank you for following along with me on this greatest adventure in my life. It has been very therapeutic for me to write each week and chronicle all the events leading up to my beautiful little girl and I hope it has helped someone else out, like the people that delivered before me did. Thanks to Maribeth, all my family, friends and readers for coming along for the ride of my life! Much good luck and well wishes to the other journal writers, you guys are about to experience a miracle!

~ Kristen

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