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StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Kristen's pregnancy journal.

Kristen (31) and her husband, Kyle (36) married in May 2008. They have two pound puppies and were excited to add a baby to their little family. Their first child, Sophie Kay, was born at 37 weeks, 2 days, on August 18, 2009.

This is Kristen's pregnancy journal week by week.

Kristen's Journal Entries

Meet Kristen

Week 17
Busy Little Bees throughout Week 17!

Week 18
Wishing the "Quickening" Started Quicker!

Week 19
Hear it!

Week 20
Surprise Mom and Dad!

Week 21
Moving & Hormones & Camping, Oh My!

Week 22
Camping Trip at the Beach

Week 23
Little Dog Lost & Home Alone-AHHHHHH!

Week 24
Mamma Mia

Week 25
The first time, ever I saw your face...

Week 26
Showered With Love & Gifts

Week 27
Oh Baby!

Week 28
A Home Away From Home

Week 29
Making a Home in Another Home

Week 30
June Showers Hopefully Bring September Babies

Week 31
What a Nice Weekend Visit!

Week 32
Home Is Where Your Husband Is!

Week 33
My Heart Burns for You, Baby!

Week 34
I Promise We'll Leave the House . . . Tomorrow!

Week 35
My Heart Came Home!

Week 36
Wait! What did you say?

Birth Story
Meet Sophie Kay!

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