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Week 17
~ Busy Little Bees throughout Week 17!

Kristen - 17 weeksWell, kids, this week has been really busy, to say the least!

On Monday, I had my 4 month (actually my 17 week) appointment. On my last appointment at 13 weeks, Kyle did not come with me and missed hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time. Of course, that day, after I heard the heartbeat, I immediately got online and ordered an at-home Doppler machine. I just wanted him to hear that awesome little heartbeat too!

Now, just so you know, early in your pregnancy (like 13-15 weeks for me) this Doppler may not pick up the baby's heartbeat. Do not freak out and panic (like maybe someone I know did)! Your baby really is in there; it is just so small, it is hard to hear at that time. Also with those at home Doppler machines, you may think you are hearing the baby's heartbeat, and you will get really excited and your heart will swell up with love and your eyes will get wide in amazement. And then your husband will quietly grab your wrist, look at his watch and let you know that it is actually your own heartbeat that you are hearing. Try not to kill your husband at this point. You will find that although he just burst your little baby heartbeat happiness bubble, he is just being logical. And then when you try it again, a week or two later, and you hear that little horse-galloping sound, almost twice the speed of your own heartbeat, you will without a doubt know the difference between your baby's heartbeat and your own. And even your logical husband will have that amazed look in his eyes too!

This time, Kyle came with me to make sure he didn't miss anything else. Didn't want her to sneak in a surprise ultrasound or anything else important. The doctor's office has a really nice Doppler and the baby's heartbeat is so much more clear than the one that we listen to at home. So that was the first time my husband got to hear our baby clearly. We also were given the option for the quad screen and decided to go ahead with that. This is the test that they offer anywhere from 16-20 weeks, to test for Down Syndrome and others. It was fairly painless, they took another vial of blood and told us that if nothing was wrong, we would not get a phone call back. Also, results of that test at my doctor's office came back in 1-2 days, so at least you don't sit around waiting and panicking for too long! We had not heard anything from the doctor's office by the end of the day Thursday, so we figured no news is good news!

ultrasoundI also, sadly, found out that it would be another three weeks before we have our next ultrasound! Grrrrrr, I say to that! Especially when my doctor originally told me that it could be done at 19 weeks. Yeah yeah yeah, I know that is just one more week, but when you find out you are pregnant at five weeks, all you do for the next 15 weeks is wonder what to call your new little companion. It just does not feel appropriate and I am so ready to call my baby he or she! So April 22nd will be the date we find out and I will be glad to let everyone know!

Tuesday and Wednesday I traveled to North Carolina to train on my job and got back late Wednesday night. Kyle actually went with me since it was a 5.5 hour drive and he knows how I hate driving. I was grateful that he came.

I am still waiting for all of that energy that the experts say you will get back in the second trimester, just so you know. I am a little less sleepy during the day, but if you put me in a car, there is no chance that I am not going to doze off at some point (good thing Kyle likes to drive on trips, isn't it?)

We are finally home and relaxing for the weekend, so that is much-needed. It is hard being so busy and also having so much going on with your pregnancy!

I have attached my 17 week belly shot and my baby's glamour shot for everyone to see.

Take care. Until next week . . .
~ Kristen

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