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Week 18
~ Wishing the "Quickening" Started Quicker!

18 weeksAfter a long and wonderfully relaxing weekend, the work week started off with a stressful bang on Monday. We were one girl short that afternoon, so that always makes it harder on the remaining people.

Then on Tuesday, I started feeling some back pain and my stomach felt a little crampy. I really felt like I was coming down with something, so I went home and my sweet husband let me lay down and read my book for about an hour and then he even made me supper. I felt a lot better when I woke up the next morning.

So the thing that I am anxiously awaiting this week, is what they call the "quickening," or feeling of movement from the baby. I think that I really read too much. I freak myself out when something doesnít happen in this pregnancy the exact week that I have read that it should. I also think that is easy to do when you are pregnant for the first time. I just canít wait to feel my baby moving around in there. All the women that I talk to about that say that it is a wonderful feeling and they all seem to remember exactly how to describe it (butterfly wings), but they also let me know that you enjoy it the most when it first starts. It definitely changes when the baby is bigger and it is kicking you in the ribs!

Something else that I am ready for is my lovely baby bump making its debut. This is something that right now only my husband and I notice and only when I am naked. Every now and then, I wear certain shirts or pants that make it look like it is really there and then the next day, I just look like I ate too many tacos again for lunch. It is funny how anytime you eat a meal, your belly and baby seem to be right there out in the front, for the world to see. This is also something that other women who have had babies tell you to not worry about getting right away. I hear that once it is there, you can get pretty tired of it. I also think that worrying you are not developing as quickly as someone else or the norm, is a crazy way to feel when you are pregnant. There is enough stress with everything else that your body is going through, without worrying that your baby is too small to make a bump, or that your baby is not moving enough for you to feel it. I know from listening to the Doppler, that this baby may come out a tri-athlete like his/her daddy. S/he is moving all the time and sometimes that little heartbeat is really clear and then it just goes away, but always comes back. Either s/he is destined to be a ballet dancer or gymnast, or is running in place, getting ready for the first triathlon, because s/he is definitely enjoying the time while there is plenty of room in there.

Vince and MaxI did something last night that I have been needing to do for about 18 weeks now, but just have not wanted to. I went for a walk with the dogs last night up at the track near our house. Kyle went with me and ran while I walked. It felt great to be outside and to be getting some real exercise. I can't wait to start running again after the baby comes, even though I know I probably won't start for a few months. It really does make you feel good and even if you are sporting more of a pooch in your workout clothes, you should try it when you feel up to it!

We are going to my hometown this weekend in Tennessee to spend the Easter holiday. This is about a four hour trip, so we will get there late Friday and leave after lunchtime and Easter egg hunting on Sunday.

I saw my oldest sister Kim and my niece Beth, who came to visit us back at the first of March, but I havenít seen my mom and dad and other siblings since Valentine's weekend. I am ready to see them and to hide some Easter eggs for my niece and nephew!!

I have included some pictures again, one of my 18 week belly and one of the dogs this weekend when there was another dog out in their front yard!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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