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Week 19
~ Hear it!

Hear itThis past weekend was Easter weekend, and we spent lots of much-needed time with my family. My niece, Beth came over and crawled in bed with me Saturday morning and we listened to the baby on the Doppler. It was the first time anyone besides me and Kyle, had heard it straight from the source, so to speak, so that was neat.

My little niece, Abbie, who just turned 2, also wanted to hear the baby so, later in the afternoon, she climbed in bed with me and we turned on the headphones for her. I tried to explain to her that when the Doppler made its loud shuffling noise, that this was the baby doing a flip (mainly because that is what it sounds like). She held those headphones on her little ears so seriously and every time the baby moved while we were listening, her eyes got wide and she made her surprised face and said "Slip!" It was so sweet! I can't wait until I have a little one of my own.

We did some Easter egg hiding and watched the kids hunt and that was just adorable, too. It was a really good visit.

19 weeksThat elusive bump that I have been waiting for, seemed to move in on Sunday right before I woke up. My belly was suddenly so much bigger than it has been and has stayed pretty big throughout the week. I had to go and buy some big girl panties to accommodate the baby and make him/her more comfy and not so squished in there! That was a load of fun for my husband as well. Now I just need to struggle through clothes this week, until I have the time to do a little pants shopping this weekend. I am running out of room for the baby even in my biggest pair.

The week at work has been very frustrating and the phones have been so busy that I have struggled to concentrate on my other projects. I just have to keep positive and remember that in less than a week now, (next Wednesday) we will get to find out what to call our little bambino. I saw my great aunt at church on Sunday and she touched my belly and said, "By the way, it's a boy," so we will see how accurate she was. I will probably be posting next week's entry that day! I am so excited to find out so I can finally do some shopping for this little tyke. We live less than 10 miles from a wonderful Carter's outlet and I have already been eyeballing several things for our baby, so I think a trip there next Wednesday after work will be a completely neccessary stop on the way home.

I have not felt the baby yet, but I am definitely getting bigger. My aunt told me to lay down on the hardwood floor and relax. That is how she felt my cousin, Shelley, moving for the first time. Don't think I am not trying that out tonight as soon as I finish this entry!

We also have some dates on the calendar for camping too, so we will be going camping at the beach in our little popup camper with some of our closest friends on the first weekend in May. I have never camped at the beach before and we haven't seen our pals in months, so we are both really excited about this upcoming trip. I am hoping that the weather gets warmer so we can relax and maybe lay out in the sun a little bit (with plenty of sunscreen on, of course!!)

We are on our way to visit Kyle's parents this weekend for his birthday. I think it is supposed to be pretty weather and I am so glad to hear it. This week has been a little chilly and I am ready to break out the spring and summer clothes!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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