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Week 20
~ Surprise Mom and Dad!

Baby's face at 20 weeksWe went to our 20 week ultrasound today, and I am going to tell ya, I was really expecting to see a little package pop up on that screen. Just from the fact the both of my sisters carried girls and were very sick, I had this feeling that we were having a little boy. I had no morning sickness at all and this has been a really smooth pregnancy so far. You can imagine my shock, when the technician zeroed in on the little legs and there was nothing in between them! We are having a little girl!

The technician was really great and she said that all the measurements looked intact. She estimated the due date at September 9th, but that seems to change every time I go. I am thinking glass half full so going with the original September 6th date.

20 week bellyOur little baby girl weighs a whole 12 oz. right now! I cannot imagine how much she will be growing in the next 20 weeks, but I am hoping that my uterus does some more growing as well! You will see how cramped up she is in the picture that I have included this week!

I think that some still doubt, after looking at the pictures, but this lady said she knew what she was looking for and Kyle and I saw nothing that could have been the baby’s bits and pieces. She showed us where all the baby’s parts were, the little heart beating strong at 144 beats a minute and the little feet that were positioned right beside my bladder (this explains quite a lot for me about my recent non-stop bathroom runs!) the little hands up near her face, boxing style and the little legs that were crossed at the ankle the entire time. We were afraid she would not move them and we would leave there still calling her a s/he! Thank goodness that I rolled onto my side and all was revealed.

Baby Kicking My BladderI have my regular appointment with the doctor next Monday, so I will let you know how that goes.

Sometimes I wish you could have an ultrasound done once a week! There is something so wonderful about getting to see the little tyke in there and knowing that you are responsible for something so tiny and fragile and awesome!

So, of course, we can now start buying things for our little girl. I am happy to finally be able to call her by her name, Sophie Kay.

Take care . . . until next week,
~ Kristen

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