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Week 21
~ Moving and Hormones and Camping, Oh My!

21 weeksWell this week has been quite a week.

I had my monthly doctorís appointment on Monday and waited for 45 minutes just to get called back. Then I waited in the exam room for the doctor for another 20 minutes. The doctor came in for 5 minutes tops, checked the babyís heartbeat, checked fundal height (I guess these were okay, she didnít really tell me) and then said she would see me in four weeks. I actually had to stop her on the way out of my room to ask if mosquito repellent would be okay for me to use. She said citronella oil works best, but that any would be fine and would not hurt the baby.

I then found out from the nurse (these women are often so much more willing to divulge their knowledge) that the glucose test will not happen until around 28 weeks. So no icky syrup drinking on an empty stomach yet! Hooray!

We had some huge developments this week. My husband has been through the ringer in the current position that he is in and we have really been trying to find him something that will make him happy and make us some money to support this little girl we are about to meet. He was offered a job in Kentucky this week and he has accepted it. There are several good things about this and things that have scared me to think about too. We moved down here for a new job two years ago and have settled into a house we love, I have a job that I enjoy, and a doctor that I really like. All this is about to change.

belly to feetThe place we are moving to is not very close to any big cities and there is no way I am going to try to find more than a part-time job during the time we move and the time we have the baby in September. Good points, I will be able to stay at home with Sophie for the first year or so and concentrate solely on breastfeeding and taking care of her. I am not sure how I will do not working for a few months prior, but that may be a good thing for me in the long run.

Even though I knew the day he went for this interview, that they were probably going to offer him a position, I still had a complete hormonal outburst of crying and blubbering when my husband called with the news. It is really hard changing everything in your life and even harder when you are an emotional landmine, just waiting to go off!

We talked about everything and decided that it was the best choice for us, so in the next month or so, we will be moving up to Kentucky. It will be a chance for him to do work that he enjoys again and that will be good for both of us. Who says change is bad? Not this girl!

In other, completely unrelated news, we are going on our maiden voyage 2009 of the popup camper this weekend with friends. I will have some lovely preggo beach belly pictures to include in next week's entry.

Until then . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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