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Week 22
~ Camping Trip at the Beach

22 week belly at the beachThis past weekend, we loaded up the popup with supplies and the car with our dogs and headed to the beach. We met some of our closest friends, their kids and dogs. I can honestly say in our years of camping, that this was one of my favorite places to go. There was a constant breeze going through the campground at all times, also shade from the beautiful live oak trees, and then the beach was literally a three minute drive away. It was nice to be so close to both aspects of camping and the beach and knowing that a group campfire and our popup beds were waiting for us at the end of each day.

Another perk to this location, was that they allowed dogs on leashes to enjoy the beach too. We soon found out that our youngest dog, Vince, loves the ocean. This is the same dog that would not step foot in a creek or the lake just a little over a year ago! He jumped in those waves like a little bunny and he was a lot of fun to watch. Max preferred just sneaking some shade behind our sunburnt friend.

I also got to test out my new preggo bathing suit, and yes, it looked like a circus had just pulled into town and pitched its tent, but hey, I was comfortable. I even got to lie on the beach and read my book for a while when Kyle and the other guys decided to walk the dogs up the beach. It was just what the doctor should have ordered at my last appointment!

It was also nice being around our friends’ kids and made us both really excited about having our own. We even bought our little Sophie a pink and white Life is Good onesie (the first of many I am sure) so she wouldn't miss out on the fun of the weekend.

We are meeting with a realtor tonight to look at the house and see what kind of price we should be asking for it. I hate to leave the house, but a paying job somewhere else is very necessary at this point. I also found out that my mother is going to come down and spend some time with me in the month that I will be here without Kyle. That is a blessing, as I was getting a little freaked out at the thought of being at home for weeks without him.

I really hate sleeping alone, even though we have two very good watch dogs that sound like they would take someone’s head off. They are really sweet dogs, but thank goodness strangers and burglars don’t know that! They do make me feel safe, but they can freak you out at times when you are all alone in the house, finally asleep and they hear a leaf blow by the front door. It is full on barking like a crazy dog time in my house at that point. I am glad that they are so protective though. I wouldn’t mess with them if I were on the outside hearing that stuff!

The only weird pregnancy thing that has happened lately is that at two different times this week, once when I was mad at the dog for barking at a neighbor, and then once last night, after I ate, when we were just sitting on the couch relaxing, I felt a big tightening in my belly. I read that after the 22 week point it is possible to have Braxton Hicks contractions, so I am trying not to worry too much about it. I will mention it the next time that I go to the doctor, to see what she thinks, but I am trying not to worry about it with everything else on our plates at the moment.

Three more weeks until we get to go for our 3d ultrasound and I am so excited about that. It will be neat to see our baby’s sweet face for the first time. I have to drink plenty of water the two weeks prior to going, because that makes the images much clearer. I hope she doesn’t decide to play peek-a-boo with us that morning!

Until next week . . . take care,
~ Kristen

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