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Week 23
~ Little Dog Lost & Home Alone-AHHHHHH!

23 weeksLast week ended with what we thought would be complete devastation. My dog Vince went out to potty Friday morning and would not come back when Kyle called him. I went on to work since Kyle was staying at home that day and just figured that he was out running around in the woods somewhere. Kyle called at 10:30 and he still wasn't back. He had already been out for an hour in the Jeep looking for him all over the place. After looking for him all day and some more when I got home, Vince still was not back. This is not typical for him. He runs off and gets out of the invisible fence, but he always comes back after about a half hour. So we were a little scared and bummed out that night and could not make the trip up to Kentucky to look around. Saturday we looked as soon as we got up for a couple of hours and then came back home. I was convinced that he was gone for good and we would never see him again. Then around 11pm that night, I went to let Max out before bed and here came Vince, around the corner of the porch. He stood there looking at me as if to say, "Can I come home?" and I called him in. He went straight to his bed. Upon further inspection when I was making sure he was okay, I noticed that his right ear was bloody and he looked like he had been through the ringer. We gave him a bath and noticed the bottom tip of his right ear was gone! We are still not sure what happened, but I guarantee you he will not be outside unattended anymore.

This week has gone by very slowly. My husband started his new job in Kentucky and has been gone since Monday morning around 4 am. I am really tired, because I donít sleep as well without him. I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing in the house to get it ready for the realtor to have pictures taken so it can be listed.

I am looking very forward to him coming home on Friday! Neither one of us can stand being apart and four days seems to be our limit, when we start really getting aggravated with being away from each other. I hate to leave my job, my doctor and my house, but if it means I will be with my sweet husband, that is just something that I am going to be more than willing to do.

I read online (yes I know) that if you drink orange juice and lay down, you can feel the baby moving around. Since I haven't felt a lot and was freaking out about it, of course, on the way to work the other day, I stopped and got a small orange juice, just to test the theory. Well, it wasnít wrong and I could feel little Sophie in there moving around for about an hour straight! I donít know if itís the sugar or what in the orange juice, but it really does make her move.

Also this week a stranger finally noticed that I was pregnant! I was at the gas station near work that sells my Krispy Kreme glazed cream filled donuts (hey, at least I have cut back to once a week as a treat!) and I went to check out. The woman behind the counter asked if this was my first and I let her know it was. She then asked me my age (kinda personal if you ask me) and how far along I was. When I told her six months on Sunday, she said "You skinny." This cracked me up because right now I am bigger than I have ever been in my life and I was also buying Krispy Kreme donuts! Still, it was nice for someone to finally notice my lovely baby bump!

Next week, my mom is coming down to stay with me during the week and that will be great. I miss my parents a lot and try to talk to them in the mornings on the way to work 2-3 times a week, so just having her there with me while Kyle is gone will be wonderful. My dad even volunteered to clean our gutters, which is a welcome help. I just hope Mom doesnít get too bored waiting around for me to get home from work.

I am a little nervous about putting in my resignation at work, but I plan to do that next week, so my entry should be very interesting. I hope that they honor my month notice and let me continue working through it. By then, I will be 28 weeks and have my final doctorís appt and hopefully glucose testing here in Georgia. After that, I will be going up to be with my husband in Kentucky. I am really pretty excited about being in a new place with my new family soon!

Until next week . . . take care,
~ Kristen

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