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Week 25
~ The first time, ever I saw your face...

25 weeksThis past weekend, my Mom and Dad, two sisters, two nieces and two nephews came down to accompany us to the 3d ultrasound. We got everyone up and out of the house in record time Saturday morning and were on our way. I timed my Oj drinking to exactly 30 minutes before my appointment so Sophie would have some extra wiggle action by the time the appointment started. We got to the place right on time for my 9:15am appointment just to find out that the tech had not shown up yet and they were way behind. So we were told to go somewhere and hang out for the next hour and a half (after I have eaten, about an hour later is the baby's favorite napping time). We went to a really nice mall and walked around the stores that were not opened yet until about 10:15, when they called to let us know to come back. So, as you can see, my little girlie had her hands and feet in her face and would not move around much because she was comfy, full from breakfast and sleeping at this point. The pictures on the huge projection on the wall were really neat to see, but the technician kept trying to bounce the ultrasound thing on my belly to get some movement. It freaked us out a little, I am not going to lie. And even on the dvd we had made of the session, you can see her bouncing my baby around. We didn't really care for that much and Sophie did not budge much, so we are sure that she is going to be just as stubborn as both her Mama and Daddy. But we would not have expected that to be any different.

3D pictureThe position she was in freaked us out; we just weren't expecting to see her head with a foot in front of it. We of course, came home and looked it up and she is currently residing in the Frank Breech position, butt down and legs and feet stretched straight up. If she does not move, we will have to have a c-section to get her out. I have hope that she will unpretzel long before time to enter the world, and she has plenty of time left to do so. My mom, dad and sisters kept laughing at the position because I was once quite the little contortionist myself, so they all said, "Yep, just like her Mama!"

After everyone left Saturday afternoon, Kyle and I came home and took a nice long nap. Those are the best, so we took one again on Sunday and another on Monday. Hey, we are taking that "get all the sleep you can" advice to heart. It was great getting so much sleep all weekend!

3DI went to my 25 week appointment this week and that was a disappointment. Again, I waited for a total hour in the waiting room and then the patient room, for the doc to come in, listen to her hearbeat, measure me and tell me to come back in three weeks for my glucose testing before my work insurance runs out. I will also have my last 28 week appointment that day.

It is crazy to think that in less than a month I will be living in a different place, full of all kinds of new things to see and most importantly, back with my husband. This has been a hard week for us; I have had a rough work week and he is trying to work and find us a place to live for the next year. It is stressful and I feel like Sophie has been moving around a lot more this week too. I came home the other day and my stomach had felt so scrunched up all day that I just had to lay flat on my back to stretch out for a little while. I think Sophie knows when I am stressed! I hope I am not stressing my baby girl out too!

3DThe realtor also brought about six other realtors to the house on Wednesday to look at it, and I had to kennel the dogs for the day. They were scared going in and when I came to get them, they were friends with everyone in the place! Vince stopped and just sat on two people that were waiting to look at a puppy in there and I had to pull him off of them.

Baby Sophie has been doing some serious tae-bo in there this week! Makes me happy to feel her in there and I love it when I can see her kicking from the outside now too!

Crazy week, busy week, but it was all worth it for me, Kyle and my family to see my little baby's sweet face on the big screen.

Until next week . . . take care,
~ Kristen

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