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Week 26
~ Showered With Love & Gifts

Well this week was quite a week! I worked until Wednesday, got off early and came home to pack up the dogs and the car. I started for Tennessee, to meet my husband halfway and to drop my car off at my sister's house, around 5:30. It was so good to see Kyle, even though he had only been up there and away from me since Monday early morning. There is just really something wonderful about seeing him when we have been apart for a few days.

We headed up to Kentucky, where we got ready to go to bed around midnight. The next morning, I dropped Kyle off at work and began to explore my surroundings. Though not a huge place by any means, it definitely has potential to be a great place to live and begin raising a family. After Kyle got off work Thursday night, we went and looked at some places to rent. He pulled up to one that had said absolutely no dogs, and I really liked it, so we called the guy back and got him out there. We let him know that our dogs are very well trained and that we would not mind paying a non-refundable pet deposit at all. I don't if it was the persistence or the round belly I was sporting, but he agreed and now we have a place to move some stuff to after my last work day next Friday. Hooray for that weight off of our minds!

Friday, after Kyle got off of work and I had driven all over the place trying to waste time, we set off for my mom and dad's house in Tennessee. We got there earlier than expected and wanted something that we could only get to eat there, so we went to a local dive that makes my favorite sandwich. Well, needless to say, my pregnant state did not help the fact that they did not make my sandwich correctly and I hated it. We got a salad and it wasn't as good as I remember either, so at almost ten, my poor husband was sent to get me a french fry and vanilla milkshake! That is truly my first psycho-I-must-have-it-now kind of moment the whole pregnancy so far.

Noticed that my hands are swelling more and more so I really need to make sure to cut down on the sodium in my diet.

shower cakeSaturday, was the day of my baby shower. It was really nice. My mother and sister-inlaw were able to come and so were lots of friends and family members. I was thrilled to see my cousin, Edna, who came in all the way from Houston! That was the nicest present that I got, by far. My best friend from high school, Lorie, also came down for the shower, even though she is throwing me one at the end of the month. That was so sweet of her and I was grateful to have her there to spend the time with me. I got so many wonderful things, and I am so thankful to everyone that took time out of their day to come. Thank you ladies!! My sisters, niece and mother did a wonderful job with the shower and I think that we had a lot of fun. I was so tired afterwards, but I guess that will happen when you are 26 weeks pregnant!

I had to come home Sunday and stop halfway to pick up my car and say goodbye to my sweet husband for the week. It is getting harder and harder to say goodbye now that we are so close to being together permanently. I think we both had a harder time than ever this time, but I keep reminding myself and my husband that this is only for two more weeks. Soon, we will get to be together and in 13 more weeks (give or take a little) we will be together with our little girl. Let me tell you, I can't wait!!

Until next week ~ take care,
~ Kristen

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