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Week 27
~ Oh Baby!

27 weeksSo this week has been the longest one yet of Kyle being in Kentucky. We left the shower and parted ways in Knoxville on Sunday, me going to Georgia to our house and him going to Kentucky to his hotel room. This was so depressing and we were both pitiful afterwards and have stayed kind of pitiful all week long.

I started noticing a lot more action from little Miss Sophie this week and she seems to definitely have her sleep vs. wake times down. And surprisingly (but really not) she likes to wake up as soon as I lay down on my side at night to go to sleep. One night this week, I was laying on my right side (I know it is not the good one, but I cannot stay in one position all night, people!) and I could feel mad baby kicking or punching or maybe a little of both! Kyle said she must prefer when I sleep on the other side. Figures . . . like I said she seems to be stubborn like both of her parents.

I have been having some more pressure this week down low, and I think that is a good thing, because apparently when the baby gets into the head down position you can really feel it. So, keep your fingers crossed that she has gotten out of that silly feet in face, Frank breech position and is getting ready for her few months away grand entrance into the world.

I bought all kinds of fabric for projects to do when I get up to Kentucky and am unemployed for a few months. I bought material in pink and brown for a baby quilt and some for a few wall hangings that I am going to make for her room. I am also contemplating working on curtains, a lampshade and a diaper stacker for her bedroom, but, we will see how the first two projects go before taking on any of that. I want her bedroom to be cute and matching, but some of the things that you find are so expensive out there! I am thinking why not make what I can while I have nothing else to do but wait? Maybe suddenly I will get inspiration from my Mima's sewing machine and become really great at using it! That is my hope, anyway. I will keep you posted on how that actually goes.

I am anxious about my doctor's appointment next week and found out that my insurance does not end until the last day of June, then the hubby's new insurance starts July 1. Perfecto! To have the new insurance cover me, all I have to do is provide a certificate of credible coverage, which I will have after leaving my current position next Friday.

Did I tell you about calling the new doctor's office in Kentucky and having an office worker freak me out? She was very nasty to me and told me repeatedly that my new insurance would not cover me because my pregnancy would be considered a "pre-existing condition". My friend, Lorie, is in the medical cost biz and had already assured me that pregnancy is the only diagnosis that is never considered pre-exisiting as long as you can prove you have had insurance with no lapse the whole time you have been pregnant. This lady was ten different kinds of rude and said she would have to call me back after she "checked" with her doctor. Of course, being a week shy of 7 months pregnant, moving to a new state and losing my job and insurance, this freaked me out to no end and really made me want to cry. What were we going to do if insurance did not cover my last three months of prenatal care and my labor and delivery? I was sweating bullets at this point.

She called back in about two hours and did not apologize, confirm that I would be covered or admit that she was wrong; she instead just took down my info and made me an appointment. What a jerk! Correct me if I am wrong, but you should know when you work for an obgyn that some of your patients may tend to be a little hormonal. I plan on letting the doctor know what kind of treatment I received from the minute I called her office. There is just no reason for a person to act like she did and it really made me want to reconsider my whole, "I want a woman obgyn" decision. But since there are only two there and I am much more comfortable with a woman doctor, I just sucked it up and made the appointment.

People should really watch themselves around a very pregnant woman sometimes. I hear you never know when one will absolutely just go off for no reason, so you should definitely never give them a really good reason!

I have the glucose test next Tuesday along with my last prenatal appointment in Georgia. Next week also marks my last week of being a part of the workforce for a good while. Even though I will miss working, I just don't think there will be any job that I have had in my life that will be as rewarding as being a mommy. I am so ready to meet and hold my little girl, but I hope she stays put for as long as she needs to.

Until next week . . . take care,
~ Kristen

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