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Week 28
~ A Home Away From Home

28 weeksWeek 28 has gone by relatively quickly, with a lot of work being done by me here in Georgia and by Kyle in Kentucky. He took some stuff up there, an air mattress, Sophie's little totes, some towels, sheets and blankets and clothes. Bless his heart, he has been up there with no tv, his gaming systems are all still at the house in Georgia, not being used by me and he has been watching movies on his computer at night to wind down. He has been up there by himself with basically nothing and I commend him for that. It is not easy having no gadgets, when you are used to having them all at your fingertips.

I had my 28 week appointment and my glucose testing done this week and will not know those results for another few days. The new doctor's office had to be called for a medical release form from my current office, and the attitude of the workers there was not my imagination. They were even rude to the lady that called from my doctor's office! I talked to my doctor about it and she said to be sure to let the doctor up there know how I have been treated by her office staff. She said that lots of times, doctors need that information, because they don't get to see the patient interaction firsthand and they may have been looking for a reason to fire a bad employee anyway!

We have friends coming to help us load up in Georgia on Saturday morning (thank you Brandye and Dave!) and then my mom and dad volunteered to drive up to Kentucky to help with the unloading on Saturday afternoon. That will be such a big help!

I am just looking forward to being with my husband every day of the week and getting a chance to relax for a few months before babycakes makes her appearance. I will be so happy to be reunited with Kyle and get to sleep with him at night. It is not fun snuggling with pillows when he is gone during the week and the dogs are hypersensitive to noises that they hear when it is just me with them at home. Nothing like the sound of an angry bark followed up with nasty guttural growling at something lurking outside your window in the middle of the night! I have figured out, however, by the sound of the bark and growl, that Vince only barks/growls at animals that are outside and Max only barks at people. So as long as I don't hear a hearty Max growl and bark, I can usually just get back to sleep.

28 weeksThis week has brought along a few new pregnancy symptoms for me. I guess this is my payback for having such glorious months up until now, but I still think that it is all worth it for what comes from everything that women go through to bring babies into the world. I have started having a lot of pressure in my pelvic region, which I guess is just the baby in a new position. Tuesday night, it felt like I had pulled a muscle down there and I had to go to bed early. I am not gonna lie; it freaked me out and I started thinking, "Please don't let me have to go to the ER!" When I woke up Wednesday morning it was better, and then there was a new problem.

I have also gotten plagued by the worst gas ever! It is the worst kind. The kind that goes nowhere and just stays in your body, making it painful to sit, lay down, walk, jump or move at all. I was told Tums, Mylanta, Maalox and things like that were okay to take, so I am hoping that will go away soon. I am sure that one day when Sophie reads this journal I kept, she will be embarrassed and totally appalled that I shared this information, but we all go through it! My fingers also are at the point where my wedding band and engagement ring are about to be stored for the duration. Kyle hates this and I don't like it, but I am afraid that my fingers will just explode eventually if I don't take them off. That is so far the only swelling that I have dealt with. Blood pressure was still 120/80 this week, so makes me feel good. I am doing something right, huh?

Oh well, not a very eventful week, but I am sure I will have much more to talk about when I write to tell you all about our new home next week. Until then . . .take care!

~ Kristen

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