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Week 29
~ Making a Home in Another Home

29 weeksWell, this week has been eventful. Saturday morning we got up and with the help of our good friends Brandye and Dave, we packed up 1/3 of our house to take with us to Kentucky. I am actually amazed at how little we can live with. Mom and Dad met us up at the house in Kentucky and we unloaded. I really want to thank them and Brandye and Dave; without their help, there is no way we could have gotten things done as quickly and efficiently as we did. Thank you so much!

On Sunday, we got up and had a huge breakfast at Bob Evans. I have not been there much, but I have now decided that it is one of my new faves. We ordered and shared these pancakes that were banana pecan caramel cream pancakes, and let me just tell you that I think that will be what breakfast in Heaven tastes like. Those were the sweetest best pancakes I think I have ever had in my life! And I am not a sweet fan. Apparently my sweet bambina is quite the sweet fanatic; I have never wanted all things sweet so much in my life!

Mom and Dad had to get back on Sunday, so, after they left, we camped out on the couch and watched movies all afternoon and evening. We were both exhausted after the busy weekend we had.

The start of the week brought the cable man (3 hours to install cable, internet and phone!), a trip to switch over the utilities and some grocery shopping. The rest of the week, after the laundry was finished, was kind of slow. Everyone tells me that I need to get plenty of rest and take it easy, but, it is really hard to come up with things to do all day when you are used to working. I know that I should be enjoying it, but I really feel like I am not contributing to my family and that is hard for me to accept. I know that incubating this little human should be my main focus, but it is hard not to work. I am just used to it; I have worked since I was 16 years old.

We have been walking around with the dogs at night. We live in a great place to walk and run and I cannot wait to have this little girl with me during the day. I am sure I will not be bored at all when she gets here! I did unpack her room a little bit and it is going to be so sweet in there.

I have a shower this weekend that one of my oldest and dearest friends, Lorie, is throwing for me. I am looking forward to it and have already arranged for the dogs to be boarded for the weekend, much to their chagrin, I am sure.

Kyle had to leave midweek for a business trip and I have been a little down in the dumps without him here, but he comes home tomorrow and we will spend the weekend with friends, so that is definitely the silver lining.

I have yet to call my doctor and check on the results of the glucose test, but they have not called me either, so I think that should mean things are fine with respect to that. I have my next doctor's appointment in about another week and a half and am hoping that they will do another ultrasound so I can see how things are going in there. At this point, I am always fretting if I don't feel enough movement in there and listening to her heartbeat on the doppler to make sure things sound right.

I know that I still have about 11 weeks left of being pregnant and everyone says to enjoy it, but I am really getting anxious to meet this little girl. I am still amazed and thankful every day that we are really getting ready to add such a wonderful addition to our little family and change our lives forever. Will let you know how the shower went next week and put some pictures with my post of the festivities. Then we have a family reunion the weekend of the 4th, so that should be a lot of fun too. After that, I am not traveling anywhere besides to the house in Georgia to check on that and only if I have to!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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