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Week 30
~ June Showers Hopefully Bring September Babies

Kristen at showerThe trip to visit my friend Lorie and her husband turned out great. Riding in the car for 6+ hours was a little uncomfortable and I guess I just didn't believe the hype until I was smack in the middle of it. We stopped about every two hours so I could get out of the car, pee, walk around and stretch. I even took my Boppy pillow (we have named him Fred, since he takes up so much room in the bed) with me and tried to manuever that into my sitting positions. He is great for bedtime, but not great for a long car trip, it turns out. We got to Thomasville late Friday night and then stayed up talking like we always do. We finally got in the bed and we all slept in late Saturday morning. Made a trip to my favorite biscuit place and then went to a friends' pool for a few hours. This is actually the first time that I have been outside for any amount of time and applied the correct amount of sunscreen! I did not get burned and I could not believe that, my skin has been extra sensitive since I got pregnant. I was very very tired after all the sunbathing and swimming, but I managed not to take a huge long nap like I usually do during the day now. I figured there would be lots of time for sleeping this week.

Saturday night some friends came over to Lorie's for a shower. I got some really nice gifts, and want to thank everyone for them. It was great hanging out with everyone. Our friends Pete and Sarah got to come from Raleigh and she is also pregnant, so we got to swap some stories and such. It was good to see them.

shower cakeWe got home Sunday around 8:30 and the week has been pretty slow so far, which is good, since we are traveling to both NC and TN this weekend for the holiday. I have decided that this should most likely be my last trip away from Kentucky until Sophie comes, with maybe one more trip to Georgia to check on the house. Both of my sisters had all of their babies arrive early (33-36 weeks) and I just want to make sure I am near the hospital if that were to happen. So far my pregnancy has been totally different than any of theirs have been, but I would just rather be safe than sorry.

We are leaving Thursday night to visit Kyle's family and then Saturday morning, we will get up and venture on to Johnson City for my family reunion. I am sure there will be lots of good pictures to post from both of those visits.

I also have my first doctor appointment up here next Monday so I am anxious about that as well. I am hoping that the office ladies have a change in manner before then, so I don't have to rage when I go in at 31 weeks pregnant. Seriously, if you hate your job and hate people, maybe find a job where you don't deal with people all day every day? Especially hormonal pregnant people. Just a suggestion.

Wish me luck!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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