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Week 31
~ What a Nice Weekend Visit!

week 31Last Thursday evening we drove to NC to visit with Kyle's family for the holiday weekend, before getting up on Saturday morning and driving up to TN to visit with my family. We had a great time at both places; it just always seems like too short a visit with either family when we do it that way. We did get to see everyone, save a couple of nephews, so that was good.

We spent Friday on the lake with Kyle's family, and although I slathered on the lotion SPF 50, I just could not feel comfortable being in the sun. We hung out by the dock and ate lunch with the family and friends that were there, but by 1 o'clock, it was nearing nap time for this girl. I even tried to get in the water with Kyle once, but immediately got cold and did not want to be there anymore. I took a 2 or 3 hour nap after lunch, because I just felt so drained from being outside, even in the shade! It is amazing how tired you start to feel at this stage of pregnancy. Looking at the pictures from the weekend, though, you can kind of understand being tired with that big baby to tote around with you!

On Saturday we went to TN for my family reunion. We spent some time hanging out, slip 'n sliding (Kyle, not me!) and visiting with my family. That night, we went over to hang out with our good friends, Dave and Sarah, and were surprised to see some other friends, Dawn, Margo, Jeff and their little boy Jacob there. He is adorable and I was glad to be around him, since we have been in GA since he was born. We went and watched the wonderful fireworks display that our hometown does every year and that was great, too. Sophie did not have much to say about them, since her daddy gave her a massage while we were waiting for the festivities to begin. I think we were both very relaxed when all the fireworks started. I can honestly say there is nothing better than a tummy rub at this point.

This week has been a little boring. We sold my car to our friends on Thursday, so I have been at home trying to think of things to do. There are all kinds of things that I need to do, but I am feeling kind of drained and cannot get into any big projects at the moment, without getting sidetracked with other things that I want to do. I feel a little bit of ADD coming with week 31.

week 31This Friday we will be going home to GA for our last visit until after the baby comes, so we will have to come up with all of the things we need to do while there. Mainly just mowing, cleaning up some more and consolidating some things to the basement and straightening everything up. To date, I think the house has been shown once total, so our realtor is soon to be history. I just wish someone would buy the house and we could have that off of our chests soon. A baby, rent, car payment, two electric bills, two water bills, cleaning service and a mortgage are not fun to juggle right now with one income between us.

On a brighter note, Kyle's mom and dad are coming on Sunday on their way back through to NC from IL, so that is something we are looking forward to. And my mom and Dad are coming for a visit to stay with me next weekend while Kyle goes tubing with some of the guys. I know we just saw them all this past weekend, but, when you live so far away from everyone, and all you have is time on your hands, you get pretty excited when you get to see your family!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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