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Week 32
~ Home Is Where Your Husband Is!

32 weeksThis week I have really been enjoying being with my husband. I cannot believe I was without him in another state for so long! That is just insane to me, especially since whenever he goes out of town for one full day now, I just miss him like crazy. It is definitely good to be up here with him.

Last weekend we left for Georgia Friday night, spent the night, and got up and ran errands and Kyle worked on the lawn and I packed more of the inside of the house up. It is amazing all the stuff we have and how much we are living without. Kind of makes me want to have a massive yard sale at some point after Sophie gets here.

We were packed back up with the Jeep on a car hauler and as much as we could get into both cars by about 4 pm Saturday to head back. We could have stayed another night, but it is just too depressing to be in that house now. It is so much nicer than this one we are renting and all my stuff has a place and there are not many totes and boxes in the way. I just wanted to leave as soon as we got there Friday. It's just not the same when a house becomes a house for sale.

We got home on Saturday night around 9-9:30 and got to sleep in on Sunday. We went out for breakfast and a little light shopping for things we needed then came home and played a new Playstation 3 game that Kyle got for a couple of hours. Then we took a nap and got up and crash cleaned while waiting for his mom and dad to arrive. When they got here we took them for a tour of the area and then they took us out to eat at a really good bbq place. They had to leave for home Monday morning, but we enjoyed having them up.

The rest of the week has been pretty busy. I picked out a rocking recliner which we have decided will be better than a rocking chair for Miss Sophie and can be used after she is a little older. They delivered that Tuesday afternoon and it is lovely.

I think that this week, while participating in some high energy tae bo, the baby seems to be running out of room in there and the movements are much more noticeable. I have been trying to keep up with the four movements every hour and she seems to do that or more most hours, so that is good. The other day it felt like she had both feet on my stomach, just kicking away at me for a good minute or two, like she was saying "Let me outta here!" Yes, I am ready to meet you too, baby, but you need to stay in there at least another 5-6 weeks for me!

32 weeksWe also picked up a crib mattress, a swing, and bathtub for her with gift cards that people have gotten us, and now I just want for everything to be in its place. I think that the nesting is starting right now for me and I get anxious about curtain rods going up and totes being put away and I just am ready for it all to be straight. Still have not really gotten started on my quilt yet, but I am thinking that with my Mom and Dad here this weekend, I can get some help with that and crib assembly. My dad loves to build stuff and fix things, so we will see what happens with that. Since I hate asking my husband to do all these things after he gets home from working all day, I hope he won't mind Dad helping out with that.

Kyle has also been running at night with the dogs and I think that I may need to start taking them for a couple of walks during the day. Otherwise, they just lay around all day long!

I have my next doctor's visit next Monday, so I will be sure to let everyone know how that goes in my next entry. After that, just three more weeks until my next ultrasound, which I am so ready for. I haven't seen this little girl for months now!

Until then . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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