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Week 33
~ My Heart Burns for You, Baby!

33 weeksWell, the thing I can say about this week is that I am not familiar with the painful and nauseated feeling of heartburn. I got sick last week after we went to see the newest Harry Potter movie and had some vomiting for about 6 hours total from start to finish. I really thought that I had food poisoning because I took a chance and ate somewhere I never eat that day and as soon as I finished eating, I felt really bad. Well after being in bed all morning last Friday, I called my doctor's office and they said that as long as the vomiting had stopped and did not come back, I just needed to rest and drink lots of fluids. If anything worse happened, I was instructed to go to the ER. They also said there was a 24 hour virus going around. I just wanted to make sure that the baby was okay, although she seemed to be moving around in there much more than normal. That was probably because my stomach was so upset and I didn't even want anything touching it from the outside, much less the inside!

I woke up later that afternoon when Mom and Dad got there feeling a lot better, but still not wanting anything to eat. I managed to get mashed potatoes and a sliced tomato to sit on my stomach and we just vegged out a little Friday night. Kyle got home and left for his guy weekend, getting to the campground after a cool ride there in his Jeep, or his other baby. He loves that thing and I am glad that he got to go. I felt okay Saturday and my parents and I went out and did some shopping and I had some mac and cheese and pinto beans from Cracker Barrel for lunch and my stomach seemed okay. Dad put all my curtain rods up and the crib together and I am so happy with how that turned out. We looked everywhere around here for a pink and brown rug for the middle of her room, but to no avail. Then Monday morning, I went online and found the perfect one, right away. I ordered it and already got it, so I made sure to include a picture of her nursery this week!

Sophie's roomSunday morning I was so hungry that I made the mistake of making bacon, eggs and banana bread for breakfast. It was really good until about an hour or two later when the bacon made me nauseated again. I felt bad for the rest of the day and evening and could eat only mac and cheese and potatoes again for dinner when Kyle got back home. Mom and Dad stayed over that night and got started back home late Monday morning. I was grateful that they came to stay with me and just something about my mom and dad being there to take care of me when I was feeling bad was awesome.

I also had my 33 week appointment Monday afternoon and my doctor let me know that the reason I was feeling so nauseated was most likely due to the heartburn that just seemed to pop up overnight. I am not someone who normally has heartburn, so I just thought there was something really wrong with me! She gave me a prescription for some heartburn medication to take twice a day, so I will try that out and see if the nausea goes away. I am just glad that I am not really sick and endangering my little baby. If nausea and heartburn are the price to pay to hold her in my arms in seven weeks, I will gladly pay it until she gets here!

This weekend we have our childbirth classes at the hospital and get to go on a tour of where Sophie will be coming into the world. That should be exciting and make things really seem real for us both. Kyle is also leaving for China for a week for work very early Sunday morning, so my sweet niece, Beth is coming up to stay with me all next week. We have both been missing each other a lot lately, so it will be fun just having her here, even if all we do is watch movies and sleep the whole time! Actually, that sounds pretty fabulous to me right now. I am all about some sleeping lately. I can't wait to see her and will let you know how much fun we are having on my entry next week!

Until then . . . take care
~ Kristen

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