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Week 34
~ I Promise We'll Leave the House...Tomorrow!

30 weeksThis week I have had my niece, Beth, here with me while Kyle is away in China until Sunday night. It has been so nice to have a chance to have girl time all week. We haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together lately, so this was just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

Before Kyle left, last Saturday, we went to our prenatal class at the hospital. We had a little incident on the way to the breastfeeding class that morning, in that someone stole Kyle's cell phone, face plate of his stereo, and a 12 dollar disposable camera from the tubing trip out of his Jeep. This really freaked us both out since he was leaving the next day for China and had no way to call home without his phone and now we know that there are thieves somewhere close by. So instead of learning about breastfeeding, we had to miss that class to go to the AT&T store and get everything straightened out. He took my little pink Razor with him to China. I am sure that he feels especially manly calling me on that phone while he is away.

Childbirth classes we got to on time. It was very informative and we got to see where we will deliver our baby and meet some of the nurses on the floor. We found out all about labor and the different stages and delivery. It was an eye opener and I was happy that Kyle came with me, not to mention, surprised at how many husbands and dads-to-be were not there. I just can't imagine a new parent not wanting to find out how it was all going to go down on game day. The lady that taught the class could have been a great character on Saturday Night Live, Kyle and I both decided. She was great and kept saying, "That's a lot of stuff, isn't it?" She said that the four hour class used to be about two hours long a few nights a week, for about a month and that it was really hard to get all that information into four hours. I felt like she did a great job and was great with answering questions and giving enough information that I didn't really feel like I had any questions by the end of the class. We even got to tour the floor and see all the tiny babies in their little beds.

I was happy to find out that they have baby alarms on all the babies and if someone were to try to take them anywhere, a really loud alarm sounds and all the elevators lock down. They also have a lot of other security measures that made me feel pretty confident about having my baby there. I also found out that my baby will be in the room with me pretty much at all times. That is great, since I am planning on breastfeeding and they say that the first couple hours after birth are the best time to start with that. And people will get to come into the room and see us both, after she is all cleaned up and weighed and back in the room with her Mom and Dad.

Kristen and BethSaturday, during the class, I started sneezing like crazy and thought that maybe I was just allergic to something in the hospital. We got home and I started feeling full on cold symptoms while we were waiting for Beth and Cody to get here. Kyle got up at 3 am to leave for the airport and I had barely slept at all, because I just couldn't breathe. By the time Beth and Cody and I had gotten up, I felt horrible. I went back to sleep around 10:30 that morning and slept for several hours. I kept taking my temperature and worrying about having a fever and not wanting to take anything, but not wanting to go to the ER either. When I got up, Beth contacted a friend's dad, who is a pharmacist and asked him what would be best for me to take at this point in my pregnancy. Sudafed is what he suggested, so Beth and Cody went out to get me some of that. I took some and felt a lot better by Monday, but still have a lot of coughing and snot going on. I think it is just a nasty summer cold and it will take me a little while to get over it.

I have another appointment on Monday with the doctor, and she should be scheduling my next ultrasound then. I am so ready to see my little baby again. It will have been 11 weeks since my 3d ultrasound was done and that is just too long to go without seeing her!

Kyle is ready to come home now and has been ready since about Tuesday. He calls me around 10 or 11 in the morning, which is his 10 or 11 at night. And then, I call him to wake him up around 6:45 pm, which is his 6:45 am. It is confusing and he asked me the other day what had I done all day. This was at 10 in the morning, so all I had to report was the eating of breakfast and checking of emails and a little laundry. When we talked last, he asked me how Sophie was doing and said he was ready to meet her. I felt a little funny yesterday with more pressure lower and so me and Beth were talking about the need for Sophie to wait to make her appearance. It would be so crappy for Kyle to miss the birth of his little girl because of work and so we have been really taking it easy this week.

There was one day where we did not even leave the house all day long. Beth was laughing at me because I kept saying "I promise we'll leave the house tomorrow!" So, the next day, we went out, went to two places and immediately were ready to be back home in the bubble. People were so rude and pushy and not motivated to move too quickly once we were ready to check out. Just made me want my recliner back and an environment where just me and Beth and the dogs could hang out and relax again.

We are making a trip to the library today or tomorrow, since all I have to read is baby books and I am almost done with all of those and tomorrow it is time for pedicures, so we will be fresh and pretty for others to see this weekend. My sister Katie and her little girl Abbie are going to come up on Saturday sometime and they are not leaving with Beth until Monday morning, since Kyle will not get home until around 1 or 2 am from the airport that morning. They just want to make sure I am not alone right now, which I really appreciate. You just never know when someone wants to come into the world!! Hang in there, Sophie! Wait until your daddy is safely home, please!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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