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Week 35
~ My Heart Came Home!

35 weeksI am so glad that my husband is home this week. I do miss my niece, Beth, terribly; we had such a nice relaxing week together last week and she and my sisters took really good care of me.

My sisters and niece Abbie, all got here on Saturday afternoon and we hung out, went to the store, and they cooked for me and spoiled me rotten just like Beth did all last week. It was really nice not to cook or do a whole lot. I am getting lazier as the weeks go by, but I think that is pretty normal.

We got up on Sunday and went to see Cumberland Falls, which was beautiful and is the place where you can see the moonbow on weeks where the moon is full. My sisters were leaving Monday morning and guess when the dates for the next moonbow were? Monday through Friday of this week! We couldn't believe it! The next one won't be until the week before Sophie is due, so we are hoping she waits to come until her due date of September 6th.

Cumberland FallsI went to the doctor on Monday of this week and had to have my first "actual" exam. I had lost about a .5 lb, but being sick the weekend before probably had something to do with that. No one at the doctor's office has acted too concerned about it, so I am trying not to be either.

My doctor told me that I am currently 1cm dilated, and although that brings things home, I have read that people can be dilated up to 4cm for weeks at a time, so I am not too worried about that. Really as long as she waits to come until 37 weeks when she is full term, I will be just fine with that too. I have another appointment next week along with an ultrasound, so Kyle will be going with me to that one. I can't wait to see my little baby's sweet face and find out how big she is! It has been too long since I saw her last (25 or 26 weeks ago!)

Kyle is off on another overnight trip and will be home tomorrow, so I teased him that I will sit in one spot with my legs crossed until he walks in the door. Last night we were talking about having a baby and I swear, even though the evidence is right out front for us to see, sometimes it seems unreal. I am nervous about the birth, but more nervous about what kind of a mother I will be. I just plan on doing what I think is right and not letting other parenting methods shade my judgement. I hope to be a mother that will one day be a close friend to my little girl, the way both of our parents are to us.

Not a whole lot else to report this week, just moving right along, trying to waste time so I can see my little girl soon!

Until next week . . . take care!
~ Kristen

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