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Week 36
~ Wait! What did you say?

36 weeksWell this week has been crazy so far, just because of Monday's doctor's appointment. We got to see our sweet baby's face again on a 4d ultrasound, which was priceless; she is a beauty! The doctor also told us some very important things this visit. She said that she is a small baby, weighing in at 5 lbs 8 oz and that it seems like her stomach is a little smaller than it should be. She said that a reason for this may be that my placenta is just old and not transferring the nutrients to her as well as it should be, which makes sense since it has been in there for 9 months so far. She is definitely cramped up in there and running out of room; I felt so sorry for her. You will see how cramped she is in the ultrasound pics I have attached this week! So now I have to go back to the doctor again this week to have her monitored and so they can check my fluids (I feel like a Dodge) and to make sure that her heartbeat is staying constant and I am hoping they will be looking at her again.

The next thing that the doctor told us is that she will check me next week and if I am 3-4 cm dilated, we will just go ahead and have a baby! Wait, what did you say? That we may be having a baby NEXT WEEK? So, you can imagine the scramble we have been in this week finishing things up, buying things that we still need and generally just freaking out in general. I cannot believe that a week from now, I may be a mommy already. I know that I have complained in the recent past about waiting, but truth is, I don't think people are ever truly full-on ready to have a baby! We are extremely excited but it is a whirlwind all the same. My mom and dad were going to come up next week to see us one more time before Sophie got here, but it looks like they may get to be here for her grand entrance instead.

Today at the doctor's appointment, I was so nervous. She has been very active and kicking my insides quite consistently, but I still just don't want anything to be wrong with her. Must be that mother instinct coming out already. Turns out the evil office lady and nurse and doctor, really had no idea what I was there for and kept asking if I was just there for NST. Well I am actually not a doctor or nurse, so I have no idea what NST even stands for. I just kept saying "I am supposed to be coming for the baby to be monitored." My goodness, it was a really aggravating appointment on the whole. I was plugged up to a fetal heart rate monitor (I guess that is what it was) and also my uterus had a monitor on it too. I was directed to lean back in this really uncomfortable recliner and push this little button any time that the baby moved. Well, I am used to seeing a lot of my baby moving, so with all that crap on my tummy, I had a hard time telling if it was her moving or the monitors or gas or my tummy just digesting my Ravioli from lunch. Then at the end of about 30 minutes of this, the other doctor in the practice came in and told me nothing I hadn't already heard from my actual doctor Monday, except that I had actually had two small contractions and two bigger ones while I had been sitting there. That worried me because I now have no idea what contractions feel like, if they just feel like my baby moving around in there. That is all I felt.

ultrasound faceWeird, and a very disappointing visit where I feel like I just went in there to waste my time for 30 minutes. That doctor seemed very nervous around me and I didn't like that. My doctor is very confident, talks to me about life outside being pregnant, etc. And this new woman acted like she had no idea what I was talking about when I said that the baby's tummy measured small and that is why my doctor wanted me to come back this week in the first place. Other than her saying that the baby seemed great, I really walked away with just more questions for my doctor on Monday. I am going to let her know that no one really knew what I was supposed to be there for, my fluids were not checked and I don't really feel like I walked away any more informed than I was on Monday. I think I will just have to stick with asking my actual doctor all my questions, because she knows me better and has actually seen my baby in there and seems to be more confident and know what the heck she is talking about.

Whew . . .Sorry to vent, but I was expecting a much more thorough exam than what I had. I guess the fact that the baby is okay is the only thing I should be thinking about. So I will let you know if next week there will be a birth story or not!

Until then . . .take care!
~ Kristen

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