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Kristen's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Kristen

familyHi! My name is Kristen, and I'm a 36 (37 when this baby is born!) year old high school English teacher. We live in the podunk midwest in a tiny town. The school I teach in has 118 students, freshmen through seniors, and that's with five little towns feeding into it. My husband Ken and I have been married for 15 years. We met while I was in high school, but I cemented our relationship the night I chased him through the McDonald's drive thru - on foot! We have a 10 year old, Grayson, and a 6 year old, Tobin. It goes without saying that my boys are the light of my life.

This is my third pregnancy, and let me tell you -- SHOCK!!!!! We were done! We had debated having a third child last year and decided that we were happy with our family just as it was. We were able to spoil the boys when we wanted, they were at the ages where we could pick up and go or drop them at the grandparents for the weekend, and we decided we didn't want to go through diapers and sleepless nights, potty training and day care again. Well, guess what? Someone, somewhere had other ideas for me. A good thing is that pregnancy, labor, and delivery have been very easy for me both times before. My pregnancies were both picture perfect, with no issues (other than serious all the time sickness!). G's labor and delivery was four hours from the time I set foot in the hospital dilated to 4, and T - well, I had him in 2.5 hours. My doctor broke my water, left to go home, and they had to call him to come back. He lives four miles from the hospital . . . he didn't make it back. The epidural man didn't make it either. That was terrifying! I'm such a baby about pain, and I never even considered going drug free! Having T completely naturally, even though I had no choice in the matter, is one of the things in life of which I'm proudest. And you know what? I don't want to do it again! I probably just completely jinxed myself . . .

So here we are, expecting our third child sometime in late June. Am I ok with it? Sure. I don't have much choice! And there was a time when I was almost begging to have a third one. Once the shock wears off, I'm sure the true excitement will set in. Right now I'm still a little flummoxed! We are starting over from scratch because I've gotten rid of everything!

I hope you enjoy following me on this ride. It's bound to be a rollercoaster!

~ Kristen

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