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Week 11
~ More Sickness

You know how I said my kids were finally over all the sickness we'd been fighting? Well, apparently, I lied. Not on purpose, mind you. This is getting a bit ridiculous. My youngest was on antibiotics for ear infections, and on Monday both ears were worse and his fever was getting back up over the 104 degree mark. He is not hearing well, either. Then my oldest came to my room after school in tears on Monday because he didn't feel good and didn't think he could make it through basketball practice. He was coughing up a storm and running a fever as well. T missed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, while G missed Tuesday. I bet they've each missed 10 days since Halloween. Right now we have T on a much stronger antibiotic and will follow up with his doctor on the hearing issue. Hopefully it will resolve itself when the infection is gone. There are some blessings in all of this. I've gotten some major snuggle/cuddle time with T, and knock on wood, I've stayed healthy. I'm dealing with morning sickness much less than I was, but I'd still hate to deal with a virus or infection on top of that!

On the pregnancy front, I'm still getting sick occasionally, but mostly I'm just starving. There are still a lot of things I can't eat, however, one of which being meat. I can't stand it. I don't want to look at it or touch it, and I'm definitely not going to eat it! I tried for a while. Chicken, pork chops, tacos . . . never with good results. So I've given up. I think this baby must just like carbs! I'm definitely gaining weight, though I couldn't tell you how much. I deal with some OCD/weight/eating disorder issues, so it's one number I make sure I never know while I'm pregnant. I always get on the scales backwards, and my agreement with my doctor is unless it gets out of hand, he won't tell me. I think I've probably gained 2 pounds in each breast, however. Ugh. I'm already up a cup size, and I'm not going to last very long here, either.

My next doctor's appointment is a week from today. I can't believe it's been a month already. If this is any indication, this pregnancy is going to fly by. I'm excited because I will be a little over 12 weeks, so we should get to hear the heartbeat. Ken is on evenings, so he can make it to this one for sure. With my first two, I doctored and delivered in the town we lived in. He never missed an appointment. This time around, my doctor and hospital are an hour away. I'm not sure if he'll be able to get away as easily. Oh well. I have no shortage of people who are willing to go with me if I want company! I'll post after my appointment. Until then!

~ Kristen

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