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Week 15
~ Boredom - I guess it's a good thing

Well, I wish I had some exciting news to report on the pregnancy front. Ok, that might not exactly be true. I wish I had some exciting news to report if it were good news! I'll take boring over problems any day. And I do hope I didn't just jinx myself. Lol. In all seriousness, however, I kind of feel like I'm at a standstill in this pregnancy. I know that this isn't true, by any means, but when you aren't really seeing or feeling any major changes, well, sometimes it's easy to forget that you are even pregnant to begin with. I say this as a seasoned third-timer. With my first baby, I never for a moment forgot I was pregnant! EVERYTHING revolved around the baby, buying something for the baby, thinking about the baby, planning for the baby. With the second, of course, I had a 2/3 year old to look after, so he didn't get as much thought. Now, with this poor baby, I'm raising two and everything that goes with that! It's not that this one is unloved or unwanted. I'm just so busy with everything else going on in my life! I suppose it's good in that time is flying by. I can't believe I'm 15 weeks already, though as my 7 year old told me yesterday, "Mom, you have 25 more weeks til the baby comes???? That's a long time!" And so it is, when you're 7 and the rest of the school year stretches out before you. I remember when time went by much more slowly, too. I have to admit to some guilt about this baby, though. I feel like I'm doing him/her a disservice because my world doesn't revolve him/her.

No new symptoms to report this week, though I can honestly say that the starving issue is definitely MUCH better. I can still eat, don't get me wrong. But I don't feel like I'm constantly starving and need to eat right this minute. I was getting really tired of that, and I'm definitely irritated that I'm already wearing maternity clothes and have been for a couple weeks now. Not because I look pregnant, necessarily, though I do have a bit of a belly, but mostly because I've just gotten fat and I might as well get all the use out of the maternity clothes as I can. Otherwise, everything else is pretty much the same. I'm really not complaining, though. Like I said, I'd rather be boring than be having problems. My next doctor's appointment is in a week. I can't believe I have another one already, but it will have been four weeks. Time really is going quickly. The appointment after that will be our first ultrasound. I'm starting to wonder if I really want to know what we are having! Lol. We will find out. I wouldn't be able to handle not knowing.

We are back at school, and things are going pretty good. Today was only our second day, but the kids have been pretty positive about being back. That's always good. My kids were ready to go back as well. I think, even though we did make it to Chuck E. Cheese before break was over, that they were ready to get away from mom and have something to do. We did put a lot of Legos together over break. A lot. I might ban people from buying my children Legos anymore. Lol. I'll update again after my doctor's appointment next week.

Until next week!
~ Kristen

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