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Week 16
~ Movement??

My doctor's appointment this morning was very uneventful. The heart rate is in the 150s, and the nurse literally set the doppler down directly on the heart beat. She didn't have to move it even the slightest bit! That was pretty cool, because it's always a little nerve wracking when they have to look for it. Especially in these early weeks when you don't have the reassurance of constant movement.

Which brings me to the title of this week's entry. Movement? Well, maybe. I find myself getting a little frustrated with myself. I've done this before, so shouldn't I be more sure of myself? But, the fact is, I'm not. I've felt a couple little bumps here and there that I'm pretty sure were the baby, but I'm not completely sure. I'm definitely far enough along to be feeling the little widget, and I felt both the boys for the first time in my 16th weeks with them. However, I've gained a lot more weight at this point than I did with the other two, and I know that can affect how soon you feel the baby. So, movement? Probably, but not definitely. Hopefully next week will bring more confidence in this area.

And speaking of weight gain, ugh. I actually brought it up with my doctor this morning. I am gaining at an alarming rate. If it were all out front and all baby, I wouldn't mind a bit, but I'm just getting fat. EVERYWHERE!! I do understand that this is my own fault. I really do. I'm just so hungry all the time! And I make the worst food choices sometimes, and that's unusual for me. I'm usually very careful about my calorie intake, what I'm eating, when I'm eating it. I think there's that subconscious part of me that's whispering, "You're pregnant. Go for it! When are you going to have another opportunity to gain weight and blame it on that?" The answer is a big resounding NEVER! I'm making my husband's vasectomy appointment today. Lol. However, being pregnant is no excuse, and I still have to lose all of it once this baby is born. I need to get it under control now. My doctor wasn't concerned at all. He said my goal is a healthy baby, and just to try to make healthy food choices. I am exercising again at least, so now I just need to work on that. My youngest is not helping matters, by the way. His most recent "Tobyisms" include: "Mom, I think you're fat enough to be having doublets!" "Mom, I think it's time to stop feeding yourself and just feed the baby." And his most recent, after asking me how my tummy would go back in again and me telling him I'd have to exercise and watch what I eat: "Ok, Mom, no cookies for you after the baby is born!" I love that kid, but he's giving me a complex! Lol.

Both of the boys are very excited, though, and are having a great time giving their input on name possibilities. Toby likes Scarlett for a girl and Moses for a boy. With our last name, Moses would be very alliterative, and I think my mom and I laughed for two days over that one! Grayson, who is a huge reader, hasn't said much about boy names. He's going to be crushed next month when we find out we are having a boy, which is what I'm convinced of. My husband thinks we are having a girl, so we'll see. Grayson's favorite girl name is Evanlyn, which is the name of a princess in his favorite book series. I actually kind of like it, and it's pretty close to my favorite girl name. We don't stress over names a whole lot, though. We won't get serious about finding one until we know what we are having, and then we just throw what we like out there for debate. We'll know the right one when we hear it. It worked for the other two. We also don't listen too much to what our families have to say. They will adjust to whatever we choose! The only decisions we've already made are that a girl's middle name has to be Ann or have Ann in it, and I think a boy's middle name will be Edward. Grayson's middle name is from Ken, Tobin's is from my dad's first name, so if this baby is boy, we'll give him Ken's dad's middle name. Then we've covered both sides of the family. As for Ann, it's a family tradition on my side, but it also happens to be my mother-in-law's middle name as well. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Well, I'm pretty sure I've probably rambled enough for this week! Til next time!
~ Kristen

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