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Week 17
~ Now I know I'm Too Old for This

Well, it's been an interesting week. I'm definitely more confident about feeling movement. My oldest son ended up sick again, and we ended up at the hospital for blood work and x-rays. And I had a birthday.

The movement is great, though it's not consistent enough to really be a comfort yet. Truth be known, however, I've not been worrying too much this pregnancy. I think I'm just so busy with the other two, I don't really have time to worry. I haven't heard anything back from my doctor on my blood work from last week, and I'm going with the no news is good news cliche on that front. I thought about calling, but I haven't. I'm just not worried about it, which I guess is a good thing!

As far as G's xrays and blood work, I was worried sick about that. I, of course, was convinced that he had something horrible and we were going to hear devastating news at the doctor's office this morning. Instead we found out that his blood work looked good, his x-rays are normal for a kid with asthma, and it's time to put him back on all his allergy and asthma medicines. Needless to say I was hugely relieved. We can control that. It will just be a matter of getting in the habit of taking meds daily again.

Now on to my birthday. Until now, turning a year older has never really bothered me. I was fine with 30. Thirty-five was no big deal. Thirty-six was starting to get awfully close to 40, but hey - I had a few more years. Thirty-seven, however - wow. I don't want to be 37. Lol. I think it has everything to do with being pregnant. When I start thinking about being 37 and having a baby, I get overwhelmed. I always said I'd be done having kids by 30, and I thought I was. Let me insert a disclaimer here: I have no problem with women having children at any age that they feel comfortable. We are good friends with a family that had twins when the mom was 50. They are great kids and wonderful parents. My issue is with MY comfort level! However, as my husband often reminds me, I better just learn to deal. He also points out the fact that he's older than me. I know that in the end it's not going to matter, and once I hold that little bundle in my arms, I'll wonder why I even worried about it to begin with. And I know it sounds dumb, but I think I'll feel better about things once we know what we are having. Right now I'm kind of stuck. I can't really do anything as far as planning or buying anything. Oh well. Three more weeks! (Providing he/she cooperates!)

Well, that paragraph was kind of whiny. Sorry. I'll quit! I am looking forward to a great weekend with friends and family to celebrate my birthday. It should be a good time, and it's an opportunity for Ken and I to have a night without the kids. We don't do that very often. We are also at less than 10 weeks to the birth of my nephew! That is very exciting! We have several nieces and nephews on Ken's side of the family, including a great-nephew. On my mom's side, I have one nephew who belongs to my step-brother. This will be the first on my dad's side, and the first from one of my sisters. There are five of us, ranging in age from 15-37, and we are extremely close. Needless to say this baby is a huge deal, and we can't wait for his arrival! Right now the lucky mama is off on a last minute trip to Florida. I'm a little jealous. Lol.

Til next week!
~ Kristen

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