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Week 18
~ An extra doctor's appointment & quad screen results

The two things are completely unrelated . . .

Quit reading now if you don't like TMI. I have been having some itching/discharge issues. I chalked them both up to normal pregnancy issues because except for the itching, I didn't have any of the stereotypical yeast infection issues. The discharge, while abundant, lol, was pretty normal. However, as I was researching leukorrhea (thanks, Mary Francis, if you are reading this!) I came across some lesser known symptoms of yeast infections. And, lo and behold, I had three of them. So, I called my family doctor, thinking that it was an easy enough test and fix, and therefore could save myself the hour drive to my OB's office. No go. Since I'm pregnant, my family doctor won't handle any GYN issues. I called my OB, and they were able to get me in this morning, which was definitely a blessing. The itching has been driving me insane! It's definitely a yeast infection and not a big deal. He prescribed an oral medicine and cream, and assured me I should be over it pretty quick. He checked my cervix, since he was already in the area, and it's still closed and long. I don't know if he was actually concerned or if he was just reassuring me. I really wasn't concerned, but it's good to know.

While I was there, he went ahead and went over my quad screen test results with me. At my last appointment, he told me not to be concerned about receiving a positive test result. At my age, my risk for a baby with a chromosomal defect is 1/180 and positive test results are common. So I was fully expecting to hear I had a positive result. We weren't going to opt for any further testing unless the numbers showed that I was actually at a higher than average risk. What I heard was definitely a surprise. Not only was my test result negative, my risk is 1/489. He told me it was like I was 30. It made my whole morning. I really hadn't been worrying about it, but I had been wondering, and it's always nice to be told that there's something about you "younger" than your actual age!

I have my regular appointment in two weeks. He'll also follow up on the infection, and I have my anatomy scan. I still want a girl, don't get me wrong, but the closer we are to finding out, the more I find myself not caring as much either way. As long as all the rest of the anatomy is all there, properly formed, and healthy, that's all the really matters. I've know that from the beginning, obviously, but I'm definitely more focused on that now. With that said, however, we are still going to take the boys to the appointment with us. I think we will have the tech write the gender down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for us. We're going to let the boys read it and then tell us what we are having. We thought that would be fun, and they think it's great. I just hope the baby cooperates!

Well, I don't think there's much more to add for this week. Both my kids have stayed healthy, knock on wood. Hopefully we have those issues taken care of. With the three of us, we've been spending an awful lot of time at doctors offices! Oh wait - there is one more thing. My husband made a trip to the doctor this week as well. Yep, vasectomy consult. The big day is a week from tomorrow.

Til next week,
~ Kristen

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