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Week 19
~ More Sickness!

Yep, you read that right. More sickness in our house. My youngest started it on Saturday. My babysitter texted me while we were at the Eric Church/Brantley Gilbert concert that T was running a fever. He threw up a couple times Sunday morning, then was fine. I sent him to school Monday morning, and by 10:45 he was in my classroom throwing up in my trash can. My juniors were not impressed. Lol. So my poor husband got up (he's on nights) and came and picked him up. Both kids were home with it Tuesday, and T missed Wednesday morning. I'm pretty sure he played me that day.

So about 3 am Thursday morning, guess who woke up with it? Yep, that'd be me. I don't recommend it. Talk about miserable. I ended up missing two days of school myself, and I never miss because I'm sick. I'm a little concerned about the number of sick days I'm using this year. My goal is two-four weeks off at the beginning of the next school year. I want to be home 12 weeks with the baby so it just depends on when I deliver. However, I need to have the sick days so that I can, plus have plenty left over to miss when the kids are sick. The good thing is that I had the foresight to sign up for disability insurance last year, and lo and behold, pregnancy is a disability. That made me laugh when I found that out. However, it will start paying out two weeks after delivery and continue until I go back to work, even though I will deliver in the summer. So I don't technically have to use any sick time at all, if I don't want to. The only problem is that it doesn't pay my full salary. I'm not exactly sure how much it does pay, but I think it's 60% or so. If we can save enough during the summer, it won't be a problem at all.

The only other news around my house is that today was V-day. That's right. Vasectomy day. My husband finally got around to it. I'm catering to his every whim at the moment, but he did take excellent care of me when I was dealing with morning sickness. He will also take excellent care of me when the baby is born. I owe him! Overall, though, he said it wasn't bad at all. I'll make sure he takes it easy and follows the doctor's instructions for the next few days. He took next week off, so he should have a pretty easy time of it.

As far as the baby goes, lots and lots of movement! It seems like it's doubled or tripled in the last week. If I haven't felt any movement for a while, I just have to lay on my back for a few minutes. It's almost guaranteed to work! I'm not sure if it can be felt from the outside yet, because everytime my husband tries, the little imp stops. Both of my boys did the exact same thing! I assume he/she will cooperate eventually. As far as symptoms go, I'm just really itchy. I'm the Palmer's cocoa butter queen right now. I smell like chocolate a lot. Lol.

My next doctor's appointment is on Thursday. It will be my first ultrasound, so I'm excited about that. I'll be 20 weeks and 3 days. With both the boys, I had my first ultrasounds around 9 weeks, but I was unsure of my dates with them. I had no doubt about my dates with this one, so my doctor didn't see the need to do an early one. This will be our first glimpse and hopefully, he/she will cooperate and let us know the gender! If not, there are going to be a lot of disappointed people in our lives! None more than us, however. I need to know so I can plan. I admire people who wait for the surprise, but I couldn't do it.

Well, I think that's all for this week. I should have plenty to write about after my appointment next week!

~ Kristen

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