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Week 20
~ Finally an Ultrasound

Well, I had my first ultrasound yesterday. My appointment was at 7:30 our time (8:30 Indiana time), so I was up by 5:30. I got myself ready, got the kids up and ready, and we were actually out the door on time to be the required 15 minutes early for the appointment. This was a minor miracle in my world. I'm happy if we are on time. Early rarely ever happens! We got to the office, got signed in, and took seats in the waiting room. And waited. And waited. And waited. There's a prominently displayed sign by the door in the waiting room that states if you wait more than 20 minutes for your scheduled appointment, you should inform the receptionist. I'm not the most patient person in the world, but I don't usually get too upset waiting at doctors' offices. You never know what's going on with another patient, if there's been an emergency, etc, so I don't complain. However, 35 minutes after my appointment time, I did let the receptionist know, very nicely, that I was still waiting. She checked the schedule, called the ultrasound tech, and lo and behold, they double scheduled her. Since the other patient had an earlier appointment with her doctor after her ultrasound (mine was at 8:30 our time), she got to go first. Then I was irritated. I got up early, got my kids up early, drove an hour, and ended up waiting over an hour for an appointment they scheduled. I completely missed my appointment with my doctor, but luckily they worked me in after my ultrasound was finally over. It was a stressful morning.

We finally got called back. My 10 year old wasn't too impressed with any of it. He watched for a few minutes and spent the rest of the time playing his iTouch. My 7 year old, however, was fascinated. He didn't start to get bored until the very end. He also had a million questions. Lol. The tech was very patient with him and answered all of them. She has little boys of her own, so I'm sure that helped. Everything looks really good. I'm measuring a bit behind by the ultrasound, but my doctor said up to two weeks either way is normal. I was 20 weeks 3 days by menstrual dates, and 19 weeks 4 days by the ultrasound. He didn't change my due date, but if he had, I would now be due July 1. We got lots of pictures, which my 7 year old insisted on taking back to school with him. My mom scanned them for him and printed him his own copies. He had a good time showing them off.

My actual doctor appointment took less time than usual. He went over the pictures to make sure everything was ok, and that was it. There was no need to measure me or listen to the heartbeat since we'd just done all of that on the ultrasound. We discussed my horrible stomach flu, which he wasn't worried about, and I was on my way to Steak-n-Shake, which was the high point of the morning for my 10 year old.

Once we got passed the stress of waiting, it was a pretty good morning.

Oh wait. You want to know . . . . . . . . . . well, it's a . . . . . . . . . . . . .

boy. Yep. Another boy. Sigh. I'm so far outnumbered in my house, I don't know what I'm going to do. Lol. At least I know what to do with a boy!

I would be lying if I didn't confess to some disappointment, but I think that's probably normal. I also don't think it's wrong to have wanted a girl since I already have two wonderful little boys. So, after a quick adjustment for all of us, we are excited to be welcoming a new little blue bundle to our family. And no, we will not be reversing my husband's procedure and trying again!!!! I actually had someone ask me that. I was amazed. I don't think I would have the nerve to ask someone something like that.

Now we can move forward with some planning, and we can start purchasing some smaller items. We have already decided we are limiting the larger items to four. A car seat, obviously, a pack n play with a bassinet inset, a stroller, and either a swing or a bouncy seat. We had so much stuff for the other two that we sold practically new because it rarely got used. We have also decided not to worry about a nursery right away. He will be in our room for at least 6 months. Then we can decide if we want to move both the older boys upstairs, or move the oldest and move the baby in with our 7 year old. He's willing to share, I'm just not sure what the best option is going to be.

I'm also now debating the whole breast vs. bottle issue. My other two were exclusively breast fed until they were 10 and 1/2 months old. I pumped, I froze milk, and that's what they got. I didn't even start them on baby food til they were 8 months old. At 10 1/2 months, we introduced a formula twice a day while they were at the baby sitters. That was it. At one year, they got milk at the sitter's and continued to breast feed at home. My oldest nursed until he was over 2 1/2 years old. I weaned him when I got pregnant with the second one. Toby weaned himself at 15 months. He just lost interest. I was heartbroken, but I've realized that it didn't hurt the bond I have with him any. It's just as strong as my bond with my oldest. I will definitely be exclusively breastfeeding this one, barring any problems, for the 12 weeks I will be home. What I'm debating is the whole pumping issue. I'm considering just using formula for daytime bottles at the sitter's. I'm not sure though. I feel like that would be taking the easy way out, but I'm just not sure I'm up for pumping again. Not to mention the fact that finding a place around here won't be easy. Something to think about, but at least I have some time to decide.

And I think that's enough for this week! Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I tend to get a bit long winded sometimes!

~ Kristen

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