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Week 21
~ Over Halfway There

So last week I was so focused on my ultrasound that it didn't even dawn on me that I was at the halfway point. It's nice to be able to say I'm over halfway there, but considering how the rest of the school year stretches out before me, it seems forever away. However, when I think about how fast the last 17 weeks have gone (that's how long I've known), it kind of takes my breath away. I think every pregnancy must go a little faster than the one before it. My first one seemed to take forever, but the second went quicker. So I have no doubt that it will be here before I know it!

I really don't have a whole lot to report this week. Everyone in my house has stayed healthy. We had a great Valentine's Day. It was nothing big, but we exchanged little gifts and ordered pizza. Any night that I don't have to cook is a very good night! I've been feeling a lot of movement, which is always fun. My youngest thinks he felt a kick the other night, but I don't know. It might be wishful thinking on his part. I know my placenta is to the front, so I'm not sure how much movement will ever be felt from the outside. With my other two, I could never really see my stomach move much or anything. Last night, however, I had my phone sitting on my stomach, and it was moving a bit with the thumps on the inside. It was quite comical. Of course, when I hollered for Ken and the boys, the imp quit. That's always how it goes. My only symptom right now is some reflux. I don't even really have heartburn, just that awful feeling in my chest and throat that something is stuck. It's usually after supper that it happens, and it doesn't seem to matter what I've had to eat. I can't complain much though, because I've really had a pretty easy time of it, once I stopped throwing up. I'd be lying if I said this one has been as easy as the other two were, but I'm chalking it up to my age. And I can't really put my finger on anything specific.

I bought a little outfit and ordered a sock monkey hat, bought four packs of diapers and some bottles, but that's been the extent of my planning. We live in the epitome of a midwestern small town. Our Dairy Queen is closed from November to February, our restaurants consist of pizza places, Hardees, McDonalds, and Taco Bell, we have one local grocery store, and a Super Walmart, and our movie theater only has five screens. Actually, that's not even the town I live closest to now, but that's where we go for everything. We live about 10-15 minutes from there. Our town has a gas station. Lol. So needless to say, unless I get everything from Walmart, which has very little baby boy stuff (it's very disproportionate!), my shopping options are limited! We are about 45 minutes from a much larger town, though we have to cross the state line to get there, and that's where we go if we want Babies-R-Us, a mall, or a decent restaurant. That's also where my doctor is and where I'll deliver. Needless to say, I haven't been. I think my best friend and I are going to try to go Sunday, however. Even then I doubt I buy much. I'm just not in a rush. Again, a difference from the first two! We had a name and the nursery done before 20 weeks with Grayson. We had a name for Toby by 20 weeks, but we changed it later. We are kicking names around right now, but we aren't in a big hurry. My little sis has decided on Elias, Eli for short, for her little boy. We want something that ends with the same sound as our other two, but I'd also like it to go well with Eli. Plus, we tend to call our kids by their first initials, so it has to start with an initial we don't mind yelling across a store or a playground. So far we've crossed off Flynn because F doesn't work, and Ian because I doesn't work. Perhaps I'm just too picky, but naming a child is a lot of responsibility!

Well, I said I didn't have much to report this week, and I've still managed to make this long! Thanks for reading! Oh, and if you've emailed recently and I haven't responded, please resend. I just figured out I've had bunch of stuff going to spam that should have been coming to my inbox, and I probably deleted it. Sorry!

~ Kristen

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