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Week 22
~ And Once Again

Would you believe that we have been sick . . . AGAIN???? This is getting ridiculous! I know that I'm in a school, surrounded by kids with colds and who knows what else, but I am rarely ever sick. It's true that teachers build up an immunity after several years, and it's true that this is my 13th year teaching, but you would think it's my first. This time I managed to get a sinus infection and a throat infection, all of which headed straight to my chest and was, according to my doctor, millimeters away from becoming bronchitis. Luckily I felt bad enough that I didn't mess around and headed straight to the doctor. It could have been worse. So after getting started on antibiotics and an inhaler, I'm feeling much better. Of course, I passed it on to my oldest, but we were ready for it and it barely got started with him. So far, my youngest and my husband have remained healthy. Knock on wood of course.

My doctor did stress the importance of not waiting for anything to "run its course." Apparently my immune system is not even remotely concerned with me right now, which is why I'm getting everything that goes around. I don't remember getting sick this easily with the other two, but I am quite a bit older, and I do have two kids that bring everything their classmates have home. It also doesn't help that we've had an exceptionally mild winter. We've had very little weather below 30 degrees, and the temperature has been 40 degrees or above most of the time. As I hate the cold, I've been good with this! However, a longer, harder cold snap might have helped kill off some of the germs that have remained active. We haven't used any snow days, though, so we will get out of school somewhere around May 23, I think. Three months!!!

Things are good pregnancy wise. This little one is active! I wouldn't say he's on a set schedule, but there are definitely times when I expect to feel movement, and he rarely disappoints me. His hiccups make me laugh. The other two rarely had them, but this one is already getting them a lot. I'm kind of hoping he doesn't keep that up. While they are amusing, they could have the potential to drive me nuts! Short drive, though. Just ask my husband. Or my kids!

My mom and my best friend are having fun buying baby clothes. I'm having fun letting them! My little sister's shower is this Sunday, and I'm going shopping after school today for her gifts. Her due date is now a month away, and I can't wait! I know the time is dragging for her, but it sure is flying by for me right now. She just laughs and tells me to wait. In three months, I'll be the one complaining about how slowly time is going. She's probably right!

Have a great week!
~ Kristen

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