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Week 24
~ Not Much News

Only one more monthly appointment, and then I start going to the doctor every two weeks. Wow. I'm really not sure where the time has gone. My appointment this morning was pretty uneventful. I didn't have to wait too long, the nurse found the heartbeat right away, and my doctor and I discussed the best game apps for the iphone. Yep, got to get that important stuff out of the way...

We did discuss how sick I was a couple weeks ago, and we also discussed the reflux issue I'm having in the evening. I'm to start take one Pepcid every evening, and if that doesn't work, I can increase it to two a day. If that doesn't work, I'm supposed to call him. Hopefully it will work, because it's kind of miserable. I'm glad that I haven't had much heartburn to go along with it! I've probably already taken more medicine while pregnant with this one than I did with the other two put together, but there doesn't seem to be any other answer. My doctor wasn't concerned. Everything I've taken is safe for the baby, so I've been instructed not to worry about it.


My next appointment will include my glucose tolerance test and the 4d ultrasound. As of right now, we decided to go ahead with it. I can still change my mind. I'll be 29 weeks 1 day. My doctor will be out of the office on what would have been my normal day. It worked out well, though, because that puts my husband back on second shift, and he won't have to use vacation time to come with me. We've been lucky so far, and he hasn't missed an appointment yet. That could change when I start going more often, however. Second and third shifts work fine. First shift - not so much! He's on a two week rotation.

My kids have managed to stay healthy this week. I hate to even bring it up. I might jinx myself! My oldest started to get pink eye, but we were on it pretty quick, and it never really developed into anything. It's been a nice change!

I got to spend last night with two of my sisters. To say my family is mixed up would be an understatement. I have one full sister (35), two step-brothers (35 and 37), one adopted brother (32), two half-sisters (21 and 24) and an adopted sister (15). My half-sisters came over last night, and we made homemade pizza and just talked and caught up with one another. It was really nice. We used to do that at least once a month, but everyone is so busy! The 21 year old is now 38 weeks pregnant, and we cannot wait to meet our nephew! One of our discussions, however, was about whether or not infants are allowed at sister nights! Lol. The good news is we have no shortage of baby sitters. I find it slightly amusing that my baby will be younger than his cousin, but we think it's very neat that they will each have a cousin so close in age.

Well, this isn't a very exciting entry, but there really isn't a whole lot going on right now! I hope everyone has a rest of the week and weekend!

~ Kristen

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