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Week 27
~ The Beginning of Ball Season

I love ball season. The only thing I ever missed about high school was softball. I couldn't wait for my kids to be old enough to play baseball, and one of the best things about taking a job at the high school I graduated from was getting to coach softball with my mom, who is the head coach. Well, this year, my mom isn't even letting me near practice, obviously, and my oldest has decided not to play baseball. The closest I get to softball is standing on a concrete block outside the third base fence during the games, and G isn't playing because he's very young in his class and all his friends are moving up to the next league without him. To be fair, he's not overly interested in sports. He'd rather read a book. I will never force him to play anything he doesn't want to play. He is already excited about track next year, however. He does love to run with me, so I'm hoping that will be his sport to excel at. It's a good thing, though, that my youngest is a sports nut already! He can't wait to play and asks me everyday if his coach has called about their first practice yet. I hope he calls soon!

The beginning of ball season has me really wondering what this baby is going to be like. Our two boys couldn't be more different. Grayson is very studious. He loves to read, probably more than anything, and he is a perfectionist about school and grades. His reading level is amazing for a fifth grader, and he absolutely loves school. He likes sports if his friends are involved, but that's probably the only reason he plays. He's very quiet and reserved, with the sweetest heart. He's always worried about others, and will do without or give something up to make someone else happy. Toby, on the other hand, likes school because that's where his friends are. He is also smart, but he doesn't really care! He does well, but he will never put the pressure on himself to make good grades and be the perfectionist in the classroom. On a sports field, however, he already excels. He definitely inherited my dad's love, and hopefully talent, for baseball, but he's also ready to take on any sport that's available to his age group. There's nothing quiet or reserved about this kid! He's never met a stranger, which can be worrisome, but he exudes happiness. The teachers in the grade school have commented more than once on his happy spirit. He doesn't get down easily at all, and if he does, it's over quickly. His eyes sparkle, and you have to wonder what he's up to!

They are so different, but they both have qualities from both my husband and me. I loved sports, though softball is what I focused on, but I was also, and still am, a book lover. That's why I teach English. My grades and school were very important to me. I was never as quiet and reserved as G is, but I've never been as outgoing as T. My husband is very quiet and reserved, until he gets to know you, and sports never mattered to him. He did well enough in school, but he never worried about excelling or being at the top of the class. G is Ken's mini-me in appearance, and while T doesn't look like me, he has my blue eyes and takes after my dad in many ways. I never expected my kids to be alike, but the extent of their differences amazes me.

So I find myself laying in bed at night wondering what this one will be like. Will he be a reader? A sports nut? Outgoing, reserved, or somewhere in between? Who will he look like? Will my blond genes finally override the Morrison brown genes? (I doubt it! Lol). Brown eyes or blue? Tall for his age or short? I know all expectant parents wonder what their child is going to be like, but I know I didn't give it nearly as much thought with the other two. Having two so different has really made me wonder, and I realize that his birth isn't going to answer these questions! Giving birth is only the beginning!

Since I'm technically 27 weeks, 3 days today, according to my doctor, only four more days left in my second trimester. I still can't say I've done much to prepare. I do have a list of questions to ask at my next appointment, and I keep adding to it, but I haven't done much at all at home. He has plenty of clothes to wear and a few diapers, but that's about it! I keep thinking I have time. Well, with the third trimester looming, I realize I'm running out of time. I really need to get busy. Only a little over 12 weeks left, unless he's in a hurry like my youngest was!

~ Kristen

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