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Kristen's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Third Trimester

Well, the third trimester has arrived. Not that it's brought about any big changes or anything. Yet. Lol.

I have to admit, that even though I think this pregnancy has been more difficult on me than the other two, I've still had a pretty easy time of it. I've had a few annoying symptoms here and there, but overall, I really can't complain. The morning sickness and breast tenderness were really the worst of it, and I was over both of those fairly early. I just have more little aches and pains this time around. I'm now under 12 weeks, barely, to my due date, so I probably just better get used to them. I'm sure they are here to stay, with the potential to get worse!

I should have had a doctor's appointment today, but he was out of the office this week so my next appointment will be Tuesday. I will have my glucose tolerance test and an ultrasound, in addition to my regular appointment. It extends my Easter break just a bit, since I had to take Tuesday morning off for the appointment. I'll take it! This is our last break for this school year. Our last day is officially Wednesday, May 23. The week before will be filled with review and final exams, so I really only have five teaching weeks left. When I think about what I still need to accomplish, that's not very much time. We also have state testing and the prom thrown in there, which takes my juniors for at least 3 days in one week. So needless to say, it's crunch time. I'm definitely looking forward to this year being over, however. It's gone fairly quickly, but it's been filled with more stress than usual. It's crossed my mind that it might be time to start job hunting, but I don't know. The stress comes from changes at the state level and upheaval in our building. The changes at the state level will affect me no matter where I go, and the type of upheaval we are facing can come in any school at any time. Plus we live in such a small area that job opportunities are not overly abundant. Oh well. I have time to think about it.

I've compiled quite a list of questions for my doctor. If my old doctor was still delivering, I would know the answers to these questions! I'm also going to be delivering at a different hospital so I need to find out about hospital tours and preregistration. In some ways, 12 weeks seems like a lot of time to get things done, but when I think about how quickly it's going to go and how busy I'm going to be, I realize it's not long at all. My shower invitations went out today, so one of the first things I probably need to do is get registered at the two places the invitations say I'm registered! Maybe I'll get to that this weekend. Or Monday, since it's pedicure day. Since reaching my toes to paint them has become difficult, I'm now indulging in pedicures every two weeks. My best friend and I head to the mall to do this, and the Babies-R-Us is right next door. Or maybe I'll be lazy and do it all online! There's a thought . . .

I hope everyone has a great Easter!
~ Kristen

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