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Week 30
~ Overdoing it + Stress = Cramping

Well, it definitely was a crazy week. Crazy enough that I'm late getting this entry submitted. We took the kids to Chicago over the weekend as planned and had a great time. My oldest went up with our friends right after school, while my youngest and I waited until my husband got off of work. We left about 7:30 that evening and got to the hotel about 11:30. It was really nice having them go up first because they told us what not to do to get the the hotel!

Saturday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We walked. And walked. And walked. Then we went to Navy Pier. We walked. And walked. And walked. Then we went back to the hotel and decided where we wanted to go for supper. We got directions from the front desk and took off walking. And walked. And walked. And walked. And walked. And walked . . . . . . Do you see a theme? We never did find the pizza place we were looking for, but we found one that we were assured was better. By that point I would have eaten cardboard, I think! At any rate, I can definitely recommend Giordano's. It was really good. The walk back to the hotel wasn't too bad, because apparently we circled around a lot.

The plan for Sunday was the Shed Aquarium and the Skydeck in Willis Tower. We started the day by getting separated, but we all eventually ended up at the aquarium. The kids really enjoyed it. Me - I kind of think once you've seen one fish, you've seen them all! Again, we did quite a bit of walking. We left about 3:00 and decided to head home. The kids were tired, the weather was supposed to get nasty, and driving back into the city was not something any of us felt like doing at that point. Actually, it wasn't the driving so much. It was messing with and paying for the parking. I think we spent as much on parking as we did on food over the course of two days! Remember, we are from a teeny tiny area where paying for parking, even at public events, is unheard of. Lol. My family is fairly used to the idea because we spend a lot of time in Atlanta with my sister, but it doesn't come close to costing what parking in Chicago does!

The other excitement for the trip was that our hotel rooms were on the 33rd floor, looking over the river, and on Sunday morning, a helicopter was taking letters off the side of the building two buildings down from us. The kids were fascinated and probably would have watched all morning if we hadn't needed to get going. We got home about 6:30 Sunday evening and were glad to be there! Luckily, we missed all the bad weather. It seems like there were tornadoes everywhere for a couple of days, but we stayed out of the worst of it.

So that brings me to Monday - prom week. Talk about stress, and that's with everything going fairly smoothly! We didn't stay after school that day, but that was my day to get all my running done because my week was shot after that. I think the boys and I made it home at about 9:30 that night. (My husband was on second shift, of course, for this week.) Tuesday we were home by 7:30 and Wednesday by 9:30. We turn our gym into a huge tent using gossamer, so it's quite labor intensive and usually takes Tuesday - Thursday to complete that part alone.

Thursday morning, about 4:30, I woke up with some serious cramping. It was bad enough that I was really worried. I called my doctor right on the dot of 8 am, and told them what was going on, including all the walking I'd done over the weekend. I went ahead and went to work. They called me back at 10 and said overdoing it and stress could cause cramping and to drink plenty of water. I was a bit peeved. It didn't get any better, so I went home at noon and slept all afternoon. Then I layed around all evening. It was actually kind of nice!

I woke up Friday and started the same thing all over again. I called the doctor again, and this time when they called me back, they wanted to see me. I was quite relieved. I've been in labor before, and I know exactly how it felt at the very beginning. Since it was prom decorating day, I already had a sub. I took off and was at the doctor's office by 10. We talked, he checked me, and my cervix was still long and closed. That was a huge relief! I was basically told to start taking it easy and drink more fluids. Taking it easy around here is easier said than done! Lol.

I went back to school, we finished the gym, and prom was amazing. We did start the evening Saturday by setting off the smoke alarm with the fog machine, but it was just a little added excitement. I was home by midnight, and my part of prom, with the exception of turning in a few remaining receipts, was over! I resigned from that position for next year. It's time for someone else to deal with it. I had a little more cramping Sunday morning, but I've been fine ever since.

Now I'm just down to state testing, awards night, finals, graduation . . . slow down? Take it easy? When? Lol. I'm counting the days to summer break!

~ Kristen

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