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Kristen's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 35 & 36
~ Bladder Infection? Yeast Infection? Nope . . .

Kidney stones. No joke. It started Friday evening. Of course, after the doctor's office was closed, not only for the weekend, but for the long weekend. Everything happens on a holiday weekend. So Friday evening, I started having a lot of pain every time I had to pee. And being 36 weeks pregnant, that was a lot. That was the only time I hurt, however, so I didn't even think about kidney stones. I immediately thought bladder infection. So I called the answering service and left a message for the on-call doctor. He never called me back, so I figured it wasn't anything to worry a lot about, and I would suck it up and deal with it. We went ahead with our weekend plans, and while I was a bit uncomfortable at times, it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with. By Sunday morning, however, I added some itching and burning to my discomfort issues, so I called the on-call doctor again. This time he did call me back, but the only thing he told me was to take it easy, drink lots of water, stay out of the heat, and if it got worse, they only thing they could do was a lab to decide what was actually going on. He thought bladder or yeast infection.

By that night, I was completely miserable. I had tons of back pain, lots of stomach cramping, and was as miserable as the first night I ended up in labor and delivery with the same symptoms. I called the on-call doctor again. He didn't call me back. I called labor and delivery at the hospital where I will deliver. They told me to call the on-call doctor. So I called labor and delivery at our local hospital. They at least had practical advice. It ended, however, with going to labor and delivery where I will deliver if it didn't get any better. At this point I was completely frustrated and realized that going anywhere was pointless. Since I didn't have an "official diagnosis" of kidney stones, I knew neither hospital would do anything for me. So I sucked it up, toughed it out, and like both other times, it finally quit. I was completely put out with my doctor's office and hospital, however. If I can't even get the on-call doctor to call me back, how am I supposed to know what I should do for sure?

I was fine on Monday, which was Memorial Day, except I was still having the pain every time I had to pee. I made plans to road trip with a friend of mine on Tuesday, unless my doctor actually wanted to see me. I called first thing Tuesday morning, which was 7 my time. By 9, I still hadn't heard back so I headed out with my friend. Again, I was pretty disgusted. At this point, I was on my fifth day with this pain. I got to my friends house, and of course, had to pee. I did, and on the toilet paper, saw a little stone like object. Sorry if that was TMI, but at the point, everything clicked. I was completely pain free after that. I looked up kidney stones on Google images, and that's exactly what it was. I was so relieved! And so happy to be pain free.

My doctor's office finally called me back at 2:30 that afternoon while I was riding down an interstate two hours from home. They wanted me to get to a lab immediately. I have to admit I laughed. After being in pain for 5 days and calling four times, I thought it was funny that when they did call me, they were so full of urgency. They weren't in a hurry at any time before that. I explained to the nurse about the kidney stone, and she told me not to hesitate to call if the pain came back. Like calling had done me so much good before. Otherwise, I was to just keep my Thursday appointment.

So Thursday, my doctor walked into the exam room, and I handed him the ziploc bag I had put the stone in. He was pretty amazed that I had passed it on my own. I proceeded to tell him that no one had given me much choice. He apologized for that, but at the point, who cares? He did say I must be pretty tough. I don't know about that, but whatever he wants to think I guess. I was really ready to change doctors, hospitals, the whole bit, but no one would take me at 36 weeks. And I do like my doctor, but I felt pretty unimportant by the time the entire ordeal was over. I really miss my regular doctor. If he was still delivering, I can guarantee you I would have been taken care of pretty quickly. Even if he wasn't on-call, the hospital would have called him or I could have called him at home. Either way, I'm a person and a friend to him. Not just another patient in a large practice.

So that was my rather evenful Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully I'm over the kidney issues for the rest of this pregnancy!

~ Kristen

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