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Kristen's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 1 - 5
~ Really? Are You Kidding Me?

Well, as I stated in my introduction, this pregnancy was a major shock to us. Just a note . . . if you are reading this, not because you are pregnant, but because, like I used to be, you just like reading about other people's pregnancies and have no plans to have another child yourself, make sure you are conscientious about your birth control!!! I'm just sayin'.

Apparently, we weren't . . .

Since for the first 4 weeks and 6 days I didn't even know I was pregnant, I'll start from day one of being late.

Day one: I should have started today. Oh well. No big deal. I'm late occasionally.

Day two: Still? Hm. Well, I've been way later than this before.

Day three: Really? Surely I'll start today. (I make a dozen unnecessary trips to the bathroom).

Day four: I need to get a test. As soon as I spend the money, I'll start. Maybe tomorrow.

Day five: Wow. Five days, that's a lot . . . and these PMS symptoms COULD be pregnancy symptoms. Nah . . . I"ll start tomorrow for sure.

Day six: "Honey, will you run to Walmart and buy me a pregnancy test? I'll be home at lunch to do it. Thanks! Love you."

So I went home at lunch, did the test and laid it on the bathroom counter. I bounced back into the kitchen to talk to my husband for a minute, and on my way back to check the test, I was laughing about being paranoid. Five seconds later I was staring in shock at two blue lines. Really? Are you kidding me? Ok, so I use the generic tests. The lines are blue, not pink. I figure they work just as well. However, I had not really prepared myself for the possibility of two lines, no matter what the color! I walked (not bounced) back into the kitchen and just stared at my husband. I won't repeat what he said, but it summed up my emotions as well!!!

I sat down on the step and burst into tears. He just hugged me. There wasn't a whole lot to say. I pulled myself together, wiped the mascara tracks off my cheeks, and headed back to work, where I immediately went to find my mom. We are lucky enough to work together, and it comes in very handy for times like these. Well, there's never been a time exactly like this, but you understand. More tears. I decided I'd better head back home. I found our principal to ask her to get my classes covered for the afternoon. More tears. I told her, of course. (I'm no good at secrets!), and went home to veg and cry for the rest of the afternoon.

I took the second test (he bought a two pack) the next morning, not that I really had any doubts. Two more blue lines. We called in our kids and told them. They made my day with their reactions, and they both asked for a girl. If it were only that easy! It's no secret that we are thinking, breathing, hoping, praying, wishing, and dreaming pink right now! I'm also realistic. I know several families with 3 boys. Lol.

And so, here we are. 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant, by the StorkNet due date calculator, and I'm pretty certain about my dates. My first doctor's appointment is November 17 with a new doctor. My doctor, who is also our family practice doctor, no longer delivers. This is very sad. I can't wait for that first appointment. Maybe then it will be more real. And surely the shock will have worn off by then! Only one real symptom right now. I'm hungry all the time, and at the same time I've been a bit sick to my stomach, but I'm also very open to the power of suggestion. I'm pregnant: therefore, I must be hungry, and I must be expecting morning sickness! Lol. They may be real symptoms or they may be in my head. Who knows? My breasts, however, are EXTREMELY sore, and I know that's not in my head! I hate that, especially since my youngest has very sharp elbows!

Oh and by the way . . . do I want this baby? You bet I do. Every bit as much as the two that were planned.

As you can tell, I'm a bit wordy. Feel free to email and tell me to get to the point! Unil next week!!

~ Kristen

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