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Week 6
~ Crackers and 7 Up

I think the title of this weeks entry says it all. I was REALLY hoping to avoid the "morning sickness" this time. That has to be in quotes because it's such a misnomer. Morning? Sure. Midmorning? Why not. Afternoon? Might as well. Evening? Of course. I don't have morning sickness. I have whenever sickness!!!

Ok, I'm whining. I realize I'm not the first or the last person to through this. I also realize I'll survive, and the reward at the end of the journey is more than worth the discomfort of it. But I still have to whine sometimes.

There isn't much other news this week. I went to my family doctor to get confirmation for my OB that I am, indeed, pregnant. It was just a nurse visit, and it was fairly amusing. She asked me if I'd taken a home pregnancy test. I told her I had two positive tests, I was 11 days late, throwing up, and I was pretty positive I was pregnant. I had her laughing from the beginning. She let me watch her do the actual test, and we were laughing about how quickly the line showed up. It was a funny. The only downfall to the visit was that I didn't run into my doctor, who is a good friend and who was my doctor for the other two. I was going to give him grief for letting me talk my husband into cancelling his first vasectomy appointment and for not delivering any more! I'll get to do that today, however, since my oldest started running a 103 temp last night.

Yes, I talked my husband into cancelling his vasectomy appointment. This was about a year and half ago, and I wasn't completely reconciled to the idea of not having any more kids. About six months after that, I decided I was good with it, and he should go ahead. He never made another appointment. Oops. I bet he makes one in January, as soon as our Flex spending account resets! Hehe.

Well, that's it for this week! There's really not a whole lot to report in these early weeks, so I guess I'll be using these entries to let you get to know me. Until next time!

~ Kristen

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